Never Played or Even Heard of this Game, Any good?

#1 Posted by Nightriff (6312 posts) -

So I got it in the 7 games for $10 and I have no idea what this game is. Is it worth playing at some point? What type of games does it play like?

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It's pretty good, I never got to far in it because I never had the time but gonna pick it up on Steam and play through it..

I can't really relate it to any game JRPG or not it has a really unique combat system, in which it's battles between groups of 3 or 4 guys, and it's there combined health / attack.. There's flanking and other strategic moves, and from where I played you only control your team whilst there is AI controlled guys fighting for you.. Kinda hard to explain (and it's alo been a while)

But what I played of it was good, Interesting characters / character design / story, the kind of things you expect from a JRPG with a unique twist on the way you play it..

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It's pretty alright. Got a unique combat system / set of mechanics. Looks good, characters are pretty likeable and all that jazz. Has a couple difficulty spikes that'll probably throw you for a curve though. Never got past one part because of it, but this was a while back and I still don't think I ever fully grasped the mechanics completely. I remember liking it a lot up until I hit a brick wall in difficulty though.

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I think was doing an LP of it, but I don't know what became of it.

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Its a fun game, its only drawbacks are how money and equipment are handled, it doesn't let you manually equip your own guys (although with the pc version you can change a line in a file to allow you to do it), your party members ask you for an item which is ussaly an item drop, so be prepared to wiki it up to find where these items drop to improve your dudes, its got a unique battle system that has you controlling several party with around 5 guys a peice at some point i think it is, and oyu choose a general action for each member of that party to take, sometimes the options you are given aren't exactly what you would want to do and it doesn't suit every situation leading to some death that you feel screwed over with, (although with the pc version you can change a line in a file to allow you to do it) and grinding does become kind of a serious drag at some points.

I only played it for around 18 hours and didnt get too far into the game, it does have a pretty great soundtrack with quite a bunch of varying battle themes depending on which side is winning and can change as a battle goes on which is kinda fun.

Oh and the marquis Dave is kool.

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@two_socks said:

I remember liking it a lot up until I hit a brick wall in difficulty though.

I can't remember it all that well, but I think that's petty much what happened with me. I was liking it fine, then reached a point where I just didn't find the battles fun anymore and sent it back to Gamefly without finishing it.

@Nightriff: I'd say it's at least worth trying at some point since you already have it. Worst that can happen is you hate it, and never finish it.

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I bought this back when it came out, played it for like an hour, and got rid of it immediately after that. The main character might be the most annoying guy I've ever seen in a video game and it felt like the battles played themselves. The way I remember it I pressed a button and then had to sit and passively watch my dudes run around fighting for like a minute or two, autonomously making a ton of little decisions that most games would let me control.

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Uh it is pretty terrible all around. Trope filled, pretty par plot at best, and a combat system that goes from too easy, to almost right, to "please stop anally probing me". Getting to the end isn't worth the effort spent getting there either. It is an okay, but utterly skipable game.

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I only played a bit of it at my cousin's house, but my impressions of it line up pretty closely with what the majority of people has said so far. The one thing I'd add is that the game has a number of framerate issues because the battles contain so many characters.

And, since you already have the game, you might as well play it to see the crazy fish dude who's in your party early on. There's also someone with four arms; I think it was a panther man.

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The story is pretty forgettable, but I really enjoyed the fighting system once I figured out what I could about it. The way your characters upgrade is insanely complicated but interesting. One thing I learned is never grind out levels. If you do, it will make the game impossibly hard. That being said, don't be afraid of fighting all the monsters you see or doing side quests. Just don't go out of your way to grind. I've put a good 50 hours or so into this game and enjoyed it completely. If you do get it, here's a few tweaks to make it play a bit better.

EDIT: also, don't be afraid to explore the world before doing main story quests, it's the only way to find side quests and cities

EDIT2: and remember to fight as many enemies at once as you can, and try to keep your battle rank as low as possible. It's madness I know, but it's just the way the game works.

#11 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

It a good game , very unique in its battle system , altho didnt finished it because I got stuck not knowing how to continue the story , but havent returned to it , many games kept cropping up (that I had more interest in)

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Gosh no. The gameplay and framerate are a mess. Make sure to install it because it is near unplayable otherwise in big battles. The art direction and story did nothing for me either. Some people really like the soundtrack, but I found it forgettable.

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I see a trend in that people enjoy it but can't beat it, has anyone actually beat the game?

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@Nightriff: In a nutshell, the story is okay but the gameplay is a pretty big letdown, where most of the strategy in the battles is up to whatever the AI feels like letting you do. And yeah like VGK said above I was doing an LP of it, but it's been on indefinite hold due to my old machine coughing up dead and the walkthrough slipped down my priorities list. If you are curious you can skim through my blogs until you find it, or this forum has the list.

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I beat it and it was tremendously difficult. The final boss took an hour and I was down to my last unit when he SOMEHOW managed to survive a complete onslaught and land an attack on The Conqueror. I have nothing but love for the game. It was really long with some really interesting systems. It's definitely a niche game, even for RPG fans, but I never stop recommending it and getting people to play it for themselves.

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@Nightriff said:

I see a trend in that people enjoy it but can't beat it, has anyone actually beat the game?

Yeah I beat the game and all the free dlc too. BTW, that dlc is freaking awesome. It's a fun jrpg, w/an interesting squad combat mechanic. It does have some hard spots, that's true, but if you stick it out, the weapon attacks and powers especially, become pretty damn cool. It's got some pop-in because of Unreal engie and some funny animations, but overall I loved the art style and the game became uber addictive for me. And here's a tip if you're into the achieves: do all the available missions before you 'leave' the first half of the game. I missed out on a bunch cuz I didn't know.

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It got pretty mediocre reviews so... dunno some people liked it though.

#18 Posted by CaptainCharisma (347 posts) -

I'm someone who doesn't like playing hard games (unless it's a platformer) and I managed to beat the game. Just do some grinding and some reading up on how the systems work and you should be ok. Is it easy? no. And it lead to me putting the game down for a few weeks. But was it fun? Yes, since it was pretty unique as long as you don't count the character development.

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I liked it. Its got a unique twist on the normal JRPG formula. You control squads instead of individuals. Sometimes it can be annoying as what the squads perform is completely random. You can't choose a specific spell/skill, you just get to tell them to perform a spell/skill in general and hope what comes next is the one that you wanted.

Story is mediocre at best. I loved the side quests though. Some are more interesting than the main plot itself. Character and monster designs are pretty good I thought. I played the console version (installed to the hard disk), the lag was not as bad as I imagined it would be. It was either the frame rate stuttering was overly exaggerated or I have a higher patience threshold for these things.

Was playing steadily until I got to Disk 2, when I decided to play some other games for a break. Never really got back into it...I should though.

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@pweidman wait there's dlcs for this game? What are they?
#21 Posted by pweidman (2417 posts) -

@newhaap: There was when I played it and it was free. Five seperate pieces iirc, all boss related and a grinding lvl too. It was endgame oriented and quite fun I thought to test your highest lvl character groups against.

#22 Posted by Nights (636 posts) -

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Gosh no. The gameplay and framerate are a mess. Make sure to install it because it is near unplayable otherwise in big battles. The art direction and story did nothing for me either. Some people really like the soundtrack, but I found it forgettable.

I would imagine he's talking about the PC version.

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@Nightriff: Yes, I can safely say this game is pretty good after spending over a 100 hours playing it. And yes, I've finished it. Liked it quite a bit. Loved it even.

It has a very unique combat system, which might seem simplistic on the surface but it's actually quite complex once you delve deep into the mechanics of it. Only problem is, to fully understand how the game works, you probably need to consult a wiki because a lot of things are kept hidden and/or unexplained. A lot of tactical thinking and planning is involved when you're outnumbered and are up against stronger mobs, so knowing as much as you can about the combat system will be key especially nearing the end of the game where it could become relentless if you're not prepared.

Ignore all those posts about framerate and technical issues, that only applies to the 360 version. The PC version is practically a flawless port, with a lot of improvements to gameplay.

Anyway, you should definitely at least try it out. Personally, Nier aside, it's my favorite JRPG this generation (of the ones I played so far, anyway).

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@pweidman: Ah right, they had DLCs for the XBOX, I played the PC version and I think it includes some or maybe all of the DLC content but you have to unlock them by completing certain quests.

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This game is relatively competent; I don't think the review scores are all that far off though. Simply put: you really can't do all that well in this game without using the wiki. It's not hard persay it's just really easy to screw yourself over in one way or another. The main plot missions take up about 15% of the game, if that, so you've got 85% sidequests with various activation methods. The best thing to do is completely ignore most enemies and grind at 2 specific points for hours and hours. If you play the game normally not understanding how the levelling system works (no fucking way in hell you'll figure it out or know what abilities are useful etc. on your own) you can probably make it to the end on PC, and maybe have something like a 5-10% chance of beating the last boss assuming you didn't do all the sidequests (no chance at killing the Fallen so you didn't); and that 5-10% chance is indeed just random chance based on what commands you're given during the fight.

By that point you'll have realized how to set up unions etc so you have a decent capability for healing and reviving but you probably won't have things like Cachexia or any particularly powerful setups except maybe on Rush; and in this vanilla form the game hinges on random chance, does X ability hit or miss, do you dodge something at the right time, does something like Omnistrike critically hit (fighting rare spawns or the Ancient Dragon will make this all the more apparent). I do think its a huge positive that there's so many versions of the last boss and he's easily the most difficult thing in the game next to an alternate version of himself as "DLC," but the plot's not great and while the world is incredibly detailed and interesting the characters are either scarcely developed or mediocre.

In short this game has FFXII syndrome except to such an extreme to the point of making it a hazy recommendation at best. If you could set up gambits and have more direct control over the actions of your group then it might be much better. I don't think being able to equip people matters all that much except for requiring the wiki further to know where to find upgrade components; do you really want to micromanage 18 characters' equipment (or spend literally millions of gold manually upgrading)? It is a western released western themed JRPG released in this generation of consoles, which is absurdly rare so I guess it's worth it for 1/7th of 10 bucks.

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