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A rather satisfying game for those with Job-like patience 0

The Last Remnant represents Square Enix's first major foray into the saturated PC RPG market that is home to western classics like Planescape Torment, the Baldur's Gate series, IceWind Dale series, etc. As such, it was unsurprising that they opted for a faster-paced combat system in their latest JRPG. The end result is a game that will most likely frustrate hardcore fans of either genre, but will delight those with an open mind and patience in spades. The PC port is a much more serviceable itera...

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The Last Remnant: An Ambitious Failure 1

TLDR version!--------------------------The Last Remnant is a hard pill to swallow -- it's plagued with glitches and slowdowns, bad dialogue, an equally bad protagonist, and developement decisions that boggle the mind. The combat can be a lot of fun when it works, but it's heavily-based on randomization so you can find yourself being punished for no fault of your own . I honestly can't recommend it to anyone other than those of us with a masochistic streak that wanna give something new (though no...

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Great game, must have for any RPG fan! 2

Gameplay: The Last Remnant is a great game, and well worth the money. The story is very engaging and well thought out. The combat system is different from normal RPG's as well. The combat keeps you involved in the game so you're not just sitting there watching. There is an option though to turn combat to all automatic if you wish. You have the ability to make and customize weapons in the game as well, this is a nice touch. Graphics: The graphics in The Last Remnant are outstanding if you have...

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Last Remnant's battle system bored me, but I did enjoy sidequests 0

Last Remnant is a game I hard no expectations for, and little knowledge about. I honestly thought this game was a hack and slasher like Dynasty Warriors. When I jumped into the first battle, it felt closer to Lost Odyssey. Another thing I vaguely remember about this game during the pre-launch hype was how it was suppose to appease Western audiences by adding more Western designs to it. I don't quite see that to be honest. I like that you can save the game at any point in the game. I also like ...

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The Last Remnant Review 0

   Last Remnant is a game that will try and re-create the idea and world of Final Fantasy XII and put its own twist on things. Trying to give you not just a character driven story, but also one that demands the whole world of Last Remnant's attention. Not without its flaws Last Remnant still delivers a great experience for those who give it time.   The story starts of with the introduction of the protagonist of the story Rush Sykes. Rush is seen running through a forest in search of his sister I...

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The Last Remnant had the potential to be a great JRPG only if the gameplay system wasn't so random. 0

Pros: Beautiful, immersive world • Up to 18 party members • PC tweaks make the game more playableCons: Too much randomness in gameplay • Lack of control on your party members in and out of battle • Some important gameplay mechanics are never explained in the game • Missable ContentThe Last Remnant is a turn-based RPG developed by Square Enix which was released in November 2008; it was being developed by many key figures that had previously worked on SE's SaGa franchise (A series of games well kn...

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The Last Remnant Review: A Surprise In Disguise ? 3

Simon Says after previous failures in Squares Enix's side projects, when I approached The Last Remnant I did not have high hopes. Through initial reviews I was even more sceptical due to the hindering technical issues like texture pop ins and an erratic frame rate reoccurring in reviews. However I believed due to the innovative battle system and the weight of the development team, I would block out these damning reviews and check it out.  I am very glad that I did this as I think this JRPG has a...

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Not exactly exhilarating 0

The first thing I would say about this game is that it just didn't do it for me in terms of immersion and general entertainment. The story progressed slowly with some painfully bad voice acting and dialog, the strategic turn-based combat system made fights seem complicated and drawn out, the "leveling"/stats system was terribly pointless.The Last Remnant starts off relatively quickly throwing the player into a skirmish between 20 or so characters. The initial impression this left was that the ba...

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Last Remnant 1

Square-Enix latest attempt to show diversity in what they can make that doesn't have the words "Final" and/or "Fantasy" in it seems to glimmer in some parts and cause frustation in others. Last Remnant is a RPG that will have you trying to save not only your sister, father, mother, but the world as you know it. the graphics are probably the biggest problem with the game. I have never seen so much visual refreshing of textures and mapping in my life. Square-Enix should know better than try to mak...

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The Last Remnant, meh 1

First off the game doesn't look very good after playing my most recent JRPG Lost Odyssey. The texture pop in is really obvious on any scene and distracting. Also during battles there is so many characters that sometimes a active unit disappears and is invisible while taking his turn, also slowdown of the action happens in every turn. This is a Square Enix game?What really might do the game in for me is the tiny lettering that you have to read for all the dialogue and battles. There is some point...

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