dr_feelgood38's The Last Remnant (PC) review

Not exactly exhilarating

The first thing I would say about this game is that it just didn't do it for me in terms of immersion and general entertainment. The story progressed slowly with some painfully bad voice acting and dialog, the strategic turn-based combat system made fights seem complicated and drawn out, the "leveling"/stats system was terribly pointless.

The Last Remnant starts off relatively quickly throwing the player into a skirmish between 20 or so characters. The initial impression this left was that the battle system was interesting but as the game progressed I found the battles to be cumbersome and boring. The whole strategic element with deadblocks, raidblocks, interferences, and flank attacks is cool but it makes some battles feel drawn out when larger groups of units start coming together. The action is slowed down and broken up with some nice quick-time events to trigger critical hits but that's about the only thing that kept my attention during the battles.

The story itself starts off slow and really never drew me in. On the first disk, Rush Sykes is on a search for his sister Irinia which leads him to meeting David (the ruler of Althum) who assists him in helping his sister which leads to the second disk where a bad guy named the Conqueror is trying to get his hands on some remnants and some other stuff happened. I sort of just floated through the game without growing interested with any of the characters or events. Rush was just an annoying and unlikable character to me and this wasn't helped by the cringe-worthy voice acting. There is an abundance of other characters in this game but it can't really help the case when it's hard to care about any of them.

I didn't particularly enjoy playing through the Last Remnant and I found it to be largely forgetable but it might be worth noting that it runs beautifully on the PC. There is still some minor to moderate texture pop-in but there was hardly any slowdown whatsoever with highest settings on a stock 8800GT with a Q6600 processor and 2 gigs of ram. The game looks nice and there is quite a bit of detail in some areas but overall it's just good to know that it runs much better than it did on the 360.


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