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The Last Rocket consists of 64 levels that span 8 floors of a spaceship which is about to self-destruct. You are instructed to collect gears and safely navigate a number of dangerous security measures in this 8-bit styled puzzle-platformer.


You control Flip the Rocket and use touch controls to hop, fly and slide through the puzzle rooms to the exit. Flip can also reverse directions in mid-air with a correctly timed swipe. Rooms may contain dangerous spikes, flame jets, and floating mines all of which you must avoid to safely finish. Every 8th level is a room featuring "boss platforms" which have to be struck three times to be destroyed and passed. In all rooms, timing and pacing is integral to keeping Flip safe and reaching the exit.

During your escape the Autonomous Mechanical Intelligence, or A.M.I. gives you helpful tips and also implores you acquire its scattered Memory Gears. The amount of Memory Gears is unlisted and some secret memory gears are hidden behind textured panels in the level which are only visible if you intentionally pass through them. Gathering all the Memory Gears unlocks an additional story ending.

Game Center Achievements

There are 5 in-game achievements which were later adapted to Apple's Game Center format. Those achievements are:

  • Escape without collecting all gears.
  • Complete the game with all gears.
  • Escape in less that twelve minutes.
  • Complete the game without blowing up.
  • Escape with less than a quarter of all gears.


This game is available for download on the iTunes App Store as a universal paid release that works for iPod, iPhone and iPad. It is also available for the Mac platform as a paid release on the Mac App Store.

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