Disc Failure

#1 Posted by Spadge (49 posts) -

Hello, good sirs.

So I just picked up a PAL version of The Last Story and popped it in to find that my WII (also PAL) refused to read it. The console is unmodified, there's not another game in my collection it refuses to run, and it is fully updated, so I can't see any reason it shouldn't run the game (the game's bought from Amazon, so it's not a pirate).

Just wondering if anyone else have had similar problems, or is my disk just the runt of the batch?

Also, should I call Nintendo Customer Support, or just go straight to Amazon for a refund/replacement?

#2 Posted by mandude (2666 posts) -

Probably ask around Nintendo support to see if it's a known problem first. If it is, a replacement wont do you much good, but yeah, I imagine Amazon are the only ones that can ultimately help you.

#3 Posted by RazielCuts (2997 posts) -

I'm PAL and mines coming on weds from Amazon so I'll let you know if I have any problems.

#4 Posted by Spadge (49 posts) -

Problem solved. Turned out it was the Wii. I was using my housemate's, so before I tried for a refund I went over to a mate's house (to whom I'd loaned my Wii) and tried it there: Absolutely fine. 4 hours in now and absolutely loving it. Damn weird game though, but it's awesome to hear some regional UK accents in a video game.

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