Now that it's out (EU) is everyone still excited?

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Are there parties across the whole EU? Parades in every major city? People openly weeping in the streets from pure joy?

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No. But I see something walking past my house with their dog. Other than that, no.

I don't think any of the electronics or video game stores are even doing anything to let people know it is out, no posters, no midnight-openings, nothing...

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Yes, but they will soon get home and open it to find that it's nothing they couldn't have lived without. Then they'll get on the internet and RAGE about it like it's the end of the world.

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Xenoblade was more deserving of the hype.
Can't wait until they get to try Pandoras Tower, because that's something we could have lived without seeing localized. It's like Mother3 autism.

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I bought The Last Story and I think its fantasic. I still wish it was a "current gen" game, really I just want a proper controller in my hand and less blurry text, but Im really enjoying the gameplay and the characters and localisation are a lot more appealing than any jRPG ive played in years. Im glad it came over, Im not sure if its deserved of the hype its gotten for years but its got enough to warrent an english release for sure and worth playing despite the Wii.

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@SomeJerk said:

It's like Mother3 autism.

Classy. Really.

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This will be it's last story.

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I just finished it yesterday and I loved it. Even though all the archetypes are there, I liked all the characters and the writing for them, for the most part.  I wasn't sure the combat was going to be good at first, reminded me of the beginning of FF13/13-2. But like those it was expanded and became quite enjoyable. The story was quite good, though a bit obvious in places. You can pick out what's going to happen next for the majority of the game, but as I said it's still quite good.  
After playing and finishing FF13-2 and this back to back, it made me realise how serious FF has become. The Last Story can be serious, but they had plenty of light hearted moments throughout, 13-2 was close to wall to wall seriousness, it had a few lighter moments but I didn't find them to be very good. Something about the characters in this just feel livelier than 13-2. They just feel boring in comparison. The Last Story reminded me of  pre-10 Final Fantasy games, in terms of writing and it made me smile a lot, which 13-2 didn't accomplish as successfully.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed 13-2 and thought it was better than 13. But in comparison to TLS, it just feels like it's lacking something.
So yeah, as far as I'm concerned it's one the best games so far this year and one of the best RPG's I played in a while. 
But I could be speaking out of my arse. Hell if I know.

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@GentlemanlyGentleman: What?! You already finished it?

I really, really like this game. I think you're right in terms of the level of seriousness, I think they play it really well (so far at least, about 5 hours in). I think they hit that nice middle ground of taking it serious enough to be interested in it, but not so much it seems overplayed. This game just reminds of a good, old-fashioned RPG, which I for one absolutely love. No convoluted story, no annoying characters, no ridiculous character designs (although, as you can change most of them, that doesn't really count) and a cool battle system. Seems a bit easy though, at the moment. And when it gets hectic in some battles the slowdown can be pretty bad. And it sometimes seems a bit too british; a npc just said to me 'you guys are proper hard!'

Whatever, I will play any RPG with a sweet combat system, and this has got one.

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Meh, it's no xenoblade.

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@biggiedubs: Yes I have. Started Friday night, finished Tuesday. Some of the best 27 hours of game I've played in a while. 
The game doesn't get particularly more difficult as long as you maintain a high level and use the red grind circles (I don't remember the name), but it's still enjoyable. And yeah it does get very 'British', but after playing games with pretty much an all American cast, it's quite nice to be hearing some more familiar accents (Hearing a few Northern Irish voices was a rather nice change).
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@GentlemanlyGentleman: Yeah, I've been using those red circles (gathering circles?) every time I've seen them. They seem a pretty smart way to get around having to to bombard the player with random encounters. Do you know if there's much reason to do any of the side stuff? I've done some of them, like catching bluebird and frogs, but its mostly just been upgrades and dyes (great...more dyes) . I'm not missing anything cool by just sticking to the story am I? The arena worth going through?

I'm glad there's guys like you still out there mate, keep that JRPG dream alive!

@freewilly5: You think so? I've played about 10 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles and, for some reason, I just can't get back into it. The battle system never clicked for me, it seems too random and repetitive for my liking. It kind of reminding me of Mass Effect where you would click through all the skills one after another, and then waited until they cooled down to do it again. I think that The Last Story's combat at least evolves over time, and never puts you in a fight that you can't win without mundane grinding.

I don't know, I like them both but I think that The Last Story is the true 'Wii send off'.

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Mine is flying across the ocean as we speak. I look forward to playing it. I am not excited, but O am somewhat enthused at the thought.

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Is waggle required for any of the controls?

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Is waggle required for any of the controls?
You can play it with a Classic Controller.
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@biggiedubs: The side stuff is mostly for stat upgrades, weapons and stuff for upgrading said weapons. You can get good loot from them, so I'd recommend doing a few. But there is side stuff that focuses on little self-contained stories, which can give you a little more back story on the party as well as the island. I would definitely recommend finding those. As for the arena, it's mostly there for money and upgrade materials. But you can get some little bits of dialogue with Syrenne and Lowell, who will occasionally appear outside the arena. I'm not sure if their appearances are random or if they come from completing the fights so many times. I would also recommend talking to the party and exploring the town a little, you can find a few rare items that way. 

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