loopah's The Last Story (Wii) review

Just off the mark

Wii RPG - ~25 hours to complete with minimal side questing

Story Summary

A band of mercenaries seeks to rise through the ranks to become knights serving under the King. As they delve deeper into the lifestyle of a knight they realize the dream wasn't as lavish and stimulating as they hoped it would be. They find the knights are actually brutish and barbaric in terms of war and crime. A love story emerges on the side with the main character (Zael) falling in love with the Princess at the time (Calista). The mercenaries eventually find their own way, but not without hardships, accused treachery, and loss.


  • Unique and fluid battle system - uses targeting reticule for crossbow and area circles for spells
  • Lush and detailed visuals (for SDTV at least)


  • Story was cliche and boring
  • A very short game, however with the bland story it didn't deserve to be any longer
  • Cheesy voice acting and script
  • Minimal equipment customization
  • Minimal character progression

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