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A great Wii RPG

I just wanted to chime in and recommend this game to anyone still hoping to get some use out of their Wii, or even want a good solid game for their Wii U. The Last Story is a great JRPG. It's fairly linear, but I appreciated that it doesn't get stuck into the typical trappings of some Final Fantasy games where you're forced to spend hours leveling up between missions in order to advance. The game has a nice smooth progression, and the story is just good enough to keep you motivated to move forward.

The main combat in the game is relatively simplistic, but it's ultimately the boss battles that end up making it interesting. Every boss in the game typically has some unique method of taking it down, whether it be to set it on fire, or having to hit a certain part of its body.

While the unique traits of each boss is in my opinion what makes the gameplay the most interesting, it can at times be frustrating as the instructions on how to defeat the boss are sometimes unclear so you'll feel completely ineffective until you do JUST the right thing, which CAN take a try or two.

Ultimately I'd recommend this game to anyone who appreciates JRPG's, Kingdom Hearts or PS2 Final Fantasy series.

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