Did they do thid on porpose or what?

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Ok so i was playing LOD over for the fourth time and in Hoax there is a little hideout with a fire place right well you can basically interact with everything so I did with that right and Dart says "The warmth puts me in the mood to do it" and i was like WTF was Sony drunk when they put that in there or what.

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No, it was totally an accident dude :P

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Man - spellcheck - spellcheck

On topic yeah it was probably some kind of in joke :)
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I know i screwed up on the spelling of this in my topic but to late for that.

Anyway its funny how thats there though.
Man I'm surprised that people actually replied to this I thought that everyone thought that this were game was dead good to know that there's still some life out there.

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@XxJUGGALOxX: Yeah, i never got that, especially since you were in a midwifes house, weird haha.
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Off-topic.  You spelled porpoise wrong, and I fail to see how they relate to this topic.


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