Favorite Boss Battle?

#1 Posted by SymbolliC (351 posts) -

Emporer Doel has always been my favorite boss battle, I thought he was the coolest dragoon and the dual swords were always pretty awesome. He had strong magic and very strong for being the disc 1 boss.

#2 Posted by Ross (433 posts) -

No one ever mentions this one but one that was always a pain in the ass for me was the Ghost Commander and his minions.  I don't know why but it took me forever to beat him.

#3 Posted by SymbolliC (351 posts) -

I remember that place so well because I was there in that ship so long. xD

Indeed, he was a nice fight as well.

#4 Edited by Ross (433 posts) -

Also the first time I fought Kongol.  He wasn't hard but it was cool to see him evolve from an awesome enemy into an awesome party member (even though most people don't like him).

#5 Posted by SymbolliC (351 posts) -

The Kongol fight was very memorable to me too, not sure why. I liked how if you failed an addition he got an added hit in. I like Kongol a bit, wish he had more addition and magic, but I  see why he doesn't since he's late into the game with the Dragoon spirit, that's if you don't get it the faster method.

#6 Posted by Ross (433 posts) -

Yeah.  Most people say that if you couple him with Albert it is the worst party in the game, but on my first playthrough I beat it no problem with them.  That party might be slow, but they deal so much damage.  A bandit ring here and there and you have a decent speed party of powerhouses.

#7 Posted by SymbolliC (351 posts) -

Yeah, I used Kongol and Albert my first play mostly and I was fine.

#8 Edited by ZenGaijin (144 posts) -

The 13th boss in Shadow of the Colossus, Twilight Princess the boss you fight on the circular wheel.

I just realized that this thread was actually in the legend of dragoon forum, a game I have never played. Sorry for the wrongful post.

#9 Posted by Clean (2433 posts) -

I thought beating Sin in FFX was sweet or the that killer fish in God of War.

#10 Posted by Ross (433 posts) -

Hey guys this is a thread for The Legend of Dragoon.

#11 Posted by albedos_shadow (1558 posts) -

Emperor Doel was always my favorite, with the final battle being a close second.

#12 Posted by Dark_Link142 (426 posts) -

I really liked any battles with Dragon's in them. The battle against Lenus and Regole (Water Dragon) is pretty epic. Also the battle with Greham and Feyrbrand.

But my favourite battle in the game is against the Divine Dragon. It's so cool! =P

#13 Posted by SymbolliC (351 posts) -

I remember first time I fought the Divine Dragoon I was so amazed at it's size.

#14 Posted by DiscoLights (880 posts) -

Hmmm...Probably....the one where Herschel gets his dragoon spirit...I was soooo afriad of dying

#15 Posted by XxJUGGALOxX (8 posts) -

My favorite battle would easily be Lloyd man the intensity is insane they hype it up some much you just can't wait to kick the shit out of him but he would have to be one of my favorite characters as well.

#16 Posted by Dark_Link142 (426 posts) -

Lloyd is an incredibly cool character, I agree. :D

#17 Posted by Bucketdeth (8241 posts) -

Yeah the Divine dragon battle was fucking awesome, I`m glad someone mentioned this game, extremely under-rated.

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