If Hell ever freezes over...

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and we get a sequel to this great game what would you want in it/ what would you change?

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Maybe a few tweaks to the Dragoon combat, and of course graphics to match the times. :P

I would like it to have some new character that are colorful and rightful to take the places of the ones lost in the first one. Also maybe some new Dragoon magic. Also the story to follow the one in the first one, even though I couldn't image what could happen now.

I would love to even see a remake of the first one.

Lastly.. I would like it to be on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, instead of just one. I would like to see how achievements/trophies would be in the game.

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I wouldn't mind just seeing a remake too.  If they do ever make a sequel though, I think they would have to make it farther in the future with completely new characters.  A lot of people hated the "Power Ranger" colors too but I wouldn't change that, I actually kind of liked that.  Let you know which elements were which. :)  As for Dragoons, I think maybe you should be able to use them less but they would be more powerful.  Seven dragoons changed the course of and eventually won a war.  That is serious power.  Plus Dragoon additions would be cool.  Like human additions except Dragoons would have their own set.

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I like the point on using less, but more power. On the original you could get at least 1 turn in 2 additions. One thing being able to turn into dragoons a lot was that it healed any status effect.

I didn't really mind the color matching element since it is just a color for their clothes, didn't really matter to me that much.

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Just think if they made a remake now for PS3.  It would only need one disc!  I'm starting to go through and play it again on my PS3 and I'm on the third disc but when I try to go back to the second disc, it just freezes.  Is there any place that sells LCs, angel scarves, and phantom shields besides Lohan?  I'm really rusty on locations.

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this game was so tear jerking for me. i think we all know what im talking about even if it didnt make you emotional.

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I'd like a remake more than a sequel, too.

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I would for sure change some of the dialogue, mainly just some of the typos I noticed in the game, also make it more dramatic, since they could only do so much then.

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The question arises that if they ever did a remake, would they do full voice acting?  That would be weird....but interesting.

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It would be pretty interesting lol. I'm sure one day there will be a full on voice acting in an RPG, but that would be so many voice actors, unless they use same ones for various villagers, etc. I would really mind, I'm so used to the text.

I do like the voices on the additions, mainly cause some where pretty funny, Lavitz with that "Harpoooooon"

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Yeah those were pretty funny.  "Blazing Dynamo" It always seemed like he said it too fast. lol

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Yeah, can't forget "cool boogie!"

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Oh man...I had tried to forget...lol

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You'll never forget the cool boogie! All those names for the others (cool boogie, madness hero, gust of wind dance, etc  then Kongol gets names like "Destruction" lol

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Yeah while the weird names with the pronunciations (blazing "dynumo"?) hold good memories for me, I think they could do a little better job with the names for some of them.  Anyways I was thinking, and a prequel could be awesome.  The story leading up to and through the Dragon Campaign.  You would still have some familiar faces (Rose and Zieg) but also new ones.  I think that could be really cool.

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Ya know they could always do a sequel covering Dart and Haschel's journey, I just remembered that they went on a journey together.

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Yeah that could be cool too.  It could also be cool if they put out like psn games that are more arcadey with the same concepts and release them episodically or something.

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Anything with the same style of battle system would be epic!

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I actually enjoyed the turn-based battle system in dragoon.

Best I've seen. Final Fantasy VII's is odd. I hate the timer with it, and dragoon's seems more organized and easy to use. I still prefer turn-based battle in most cases.

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Additions are the way to go!

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