Magic Signet Stone

#1 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

Is there only the one in the entire game?  If I might have sold it can I get it back?

#2 Posted by SymbolliC (338 posts) -

It's been a good while since played the game, what did the signet stone do again?

#3 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

It basically paralyzes the enemy for 3 turns.  It was used mainly for taking out the special monsters.

#4 Posted by SymbolliC (338 posts) -

Oh yeah, I'm not sure if you can get another or not. I barely remember it myself.

#5 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

#6 Posted by FLStyle (5566 posts) -

If I remember correctly the Signet Stone is one of the unlimited use items like power up etc.

#7 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

Yeah it is, I just accidentally sold it.

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