Who is your favorite character?

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I figured I'd start off the LOD forum with the age old question, who is your favorite character?  Mine would have to be between Rose and Kongol.  Probably Rose though.

#2 Posted by Vyse_Legends (490 posts) -

I've got to go with Lavitz.

Plus he's the color green.:P

#3 Posted by SymbolliC (338 posts) -

Albert and Haschel are my top 2, but I'm thinking Albert is my favorite overall.

#4 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

I think I like Lavitz more, but Albert's additions are much harder and fun to do just because they are so fast.

#5 Posted by SymbolliC (338 posts) -

Lavtiz was okay, but I just liked Albert more, I enjoyed the fast additions too. Always liked Haschel because I thought the lightening element was always cool, and I liked the Violet Dragoon. Also his dragoon addition with the blast was great.

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Kongol is a close second for me.  Yeah I said KONGOL.  Both storywise and gameplaywise and yes I said GAMPLAYWISE.

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My first play I used Kongol a lot, but other plays I've stuck with Dart, Albert, and Haschel. I've been working on other peoples additions and dragoon magic since I haven't seen the magic of some people such as Shana, Meru, etc I really would like to see their dragons.

#8 Posted by albedos_shadow (1558 posts) -

I always played with a combo of Dart, Rose, and Kongol. But Rose was probably my favorite.

#9 Posted by Dark_Link142 (426 posts) -

Albert. He's really fast paced in combat.

I also like Dart and Meru. Meru's additions are pretty fun and she's an amusing character overall.

#10 Posted by SymbolliC (338 posts) -

Yeah, I liked Meru, I enjoyed the fight where you had to be her against the angel guy.

#11 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

I have to say Miranda is probably my least favorite though...

#12 Posted by SymbolliC (338 posts) -

Yeah mine too, probably because she was so late in the game, and isn't any better than Shana.

#13 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

Shana was a helluva lot more likable.

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