Winglies or Dragoons

#1 Posted by SymbolliC (337 posts) -

If you were in the Legend of Dragoon universe and could choose between a Winglies or a Dragoons powers and abilities which would you like to have?

#2 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

Everyone is probably gonna go dragoons but to play devil's advocate I'll choose Winglies.  I would have wings and magic.  If I was one of the ancient Winglies my magic would be epic since they are the ones who sealed the Divine Dragon.

#3 Posted by SymbolliC (337 posts) -

Yeah the majority would say Dragoon, but Winglies do have their advantages, like you said, they could see the Divine Dragon.

I'm one of the Dragoon ones though.

#4 Posted by Ross (419 posts) -

Yeah, in reality me too.  The only maybe I would truly choose Wingly was if I had the power of the older ones and control of the Virages.

#5 Posted by Dark_Link142 (426 posts) -

Probably Dragoons. Although if I became either one of them, I wouldn't complain since they can both fly, which is sort of what I really care about .

#6 Posted by YoThatLimp (1964 posts) -

Dragoons are cooler, winglies are too fairy like for me :P

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