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The Legend of Heroes III: Shiroki Majo (The White Witch) follows the adventures of a young boy named Jurio on his quest to complete his warrior initiation rite by traveling to five shrines. The game is the third entry in Falcom's long running RPG franchise and the first entry of the "Gargarv Trilogy" in the series. The White Witch was originally created for the NEC PC-98 on March 18, 1994 with several ports and remakes released in the future. The game was ported to the Saturn in 1998 by Hudson, to the PlayStation the same year by GMF, and finally to the PC by Falcom in 1999. A PlayStation Portable remake of Legend of Heroes III was created by Namco Bandai and MiCROViSion in 2004 which was released in North America on June 20, 2006. The English release was retitled to "Legend of Heroes II" which created a lot of confusion as to where the game fit into the Legend of Heroes franchise.

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