This game is really good.

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I've been messing around with my Vita and I know I missed out on a lot of great psp games. So I've heard from a bunch of people that I gotta play The Legend of Heroes: TitS and that it's easily one of the best games available on the vita store right now. So I decided to get it since I'm dying for a long rpg experience on my new Vita.And man I've been enjoying it so far, the story is surprisingly engaging and the translation to english seems very good and it must've been a monumental task because damn there's a lot of text in this game. But it's not a bad thing because it's pretty good writing even if a little cliche. I really like the pacing, it actually creates a sense that I am gonna go on a long journey and makes me excited to reach that far area on the map that's teasing me.

Also the music is so good it's really a joy to listen to. I've played for 7 hours now and just completed the prologue! lol. So yea if you happen to be like me and have a Vita and an RPG itch you need to scratch, I highly recommend you give TitS a try.

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Augh I still need to finish this at some point. Bought it day 1 on PSN and have just never found the drive to play all the way through. Certainly didn't see anything wrong with it and I remember the sense of humor being great.. but there's just something about handheld rpgs I find hard to finish. Hell, I'm even finding it hard to trudge through Radiant Historia at the moment (it's been sitting on my bed beside me, turned on, for like the last hour) and I know I'd have no issues beating these games quickly were they on the PS3 or PC. D:

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@PixelPrinny: Weird I actually really enjoy handheld RPGs for some reason

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I've recently finished a second playthrough of this game and have to admit that each time I was blown away by just how good it was. However I'm rather worried about the lack of any concrete information about the sequels. It's hard to imagine a better game than this on the PSP, really this title has everything the JRPG enthusiast could possibly want: an excellently crafted battle system of surprising depth and flexibility; numerous interesting locations; a sizeable roster of playable characters, each of whom brings something different to the gameplay making them far more than mere switch in switch out cannon fodder; a well crafted plot which moves in utterly natural manner from minor local issues to those of international crisis and, best of all, brilliantly written leads. Estelle and Joshua are tremendously well fleshed out, their relationship is perfectly scripted and completely believable. Indeed if it weren't for the cliffhanger ending (with no resolution from later games in sight) I'd say this was the best game I've played in the past year. Hell even with that caveat it remains one of the best.

So guys does anyone have any information about release dates? I've scoured the internet for the past couple of days and have nothing which isn't a year or more out of date. It looks very much like this is going to be one of those franchises where the later games simply don't make it overseas and those of us who have consumed the first instalment are going to be left with a horrible case of coitus-interuptus. Oh well, hear's hoping otherwise.

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I tend to agree with PixelPrinny. Something about playing dense games on a handheld puts me to sleep. I think I put maybe 4-5 hours into this game when I bought it some time ago.

On a side not I really enjoyed the first one that came out on PSP around its launch. I think it was because it still had a good story but the game wasn't as complex as TitS(heh tits) so I was able to enjoy the game in a half asleep state without getting confused. Or maybe I was just younger and broker and thus my craving for games was more ravenous.

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Dude yes. My favorite game of 2011. I loved it so much I even gave it a meaningless score of 6/5
Unfortunately there seems to be no word of on whether the sequels will arrive yet, but I'm hopeful now that Xseed has started releasing Falcom games on Steam.

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