dryvby's The Legend of Kyrandia: The Series (PC) review

Very Underrated Point-and-Click Adventure

 The Legend of Kyrandia is a trilogy of games that all complete the overall story. In the first 'Book', you are a prince on a quest to find Malcolm, a jester who dabbles in a bit of magic, who has killed your parents, the king and queen.

Unlike LucasArts point-and-click adventures, this game actually features coincidences much like King's Quest. For example, an item you are holding you may need actually later on in the game so you have to either remember where you laid it down or make sure not to destroy it by dropping it into say liquid or catching it on fire. This game is not really set for beginner adventure gamers so be warned. However, if you really just want to enjoy a terrific and well-written story, buy it anyway and use a walk-through.

The key things that stand out in this game outside of a terrific story is the voices, the graphics (yes, VGA graphics still hold a lot of appeal and can be quite detailed), and especially the music. This music is really good to listen to and even though it's just midi files being played, they still sound really well. The graphics are 256 colors but those who love VGA art and fantasy will probably instantly grab onto this game and never let it go. And for those lazy gamers who hate reading, voices are included on the CD-Rom version.

If you do end up purchasing the game, I hope you also end up purchasing the two other adventures (Hand of Fate and Malcolm's Revenge) as all of them are really good and when you get through the entire series, you'll definitely feel a need to replay them again. I've been playing these games since the days of Windows 95, and even in the high-end Direct-X 10.1 era that we are enjoying, this one is something you can go back to just for the story alone.


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