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Well to start off I did not buy this game on launch day, I've had

 Well just to start off, this is my favorite game of all time, I remember when I played it when I was just 7 years old and rented it and couldn't beat it in the 3 days I had to rent the game... So later on we finally bought it and I spent most of my childhood playing this game and beating it over and over again, I thought this game was perfect when I was 7 and today at 24 I still think it is. Most people say OoT is the best Zelda but IMO it is this game, cause the graphics actually hold up to, todays standards and when I got back and play OoT I think of how bad the 3D was back then, but the 2D of LttP is still amazing looking and I can still play this game over and over again. They did the formula perfect in this game which setup for the later titles like OoT and so on and everything about this huge and lush environment is amazing, the puzzles are harder than most of the ones in the new Zelda games and I still felt challenged in this game even though I mastered it when I was younger. Also this was the last Zelda game that I have ever died in, cause in the newer ones I never die, maybe that is just my gaming skills being perfected or maybe it is due to because the newer games are just easier than the old ones were, which is the fact that I think cause I still haven't beaten Zelda I & II on NES... if you are a Zelda fan or even just a gamer, this game is the best and a must have for every gamer that is out there in the world today...    

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