liquidsol's The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Still Magical, most newer games don't even touch it.

In a way, this is the purest Zelda ever created. Ocarina of Time, and every Zelda game since, was modeled after, and influenced by this game and its gameplay.

I played through this game the day it was released back in the 90s. I was so impressed by it then. I didn't think I could relive that magic, but here it is, and it's still every bit as magical as it was back in day.

The execution of how this game plays out, exploring, discovery, challenge, puzzles, is absolutely flawless. There is no other game I can think of that has a better grasp and understanding on how to progress from point A, to point B, to point C, and so on. It becomes quite clear how much of an influence this game has had on many games, and the wonderful thing is, Zelda still does it better than most games released today.

The graphics are still impressive. From a technical standpoint they are good, but the reason they are so impressive, is because of the artistic style. There is just something sort of charming and magical about them. The same goes for the music.

This is pure Zelda through and through. If you haven't played this game, there is no excuse not to. It is practically flawless.


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