nonsense88's The Legend Of Zelda: Collector's Edition (GameCube) review

Four Zeldas for the Price of None

If you never owned an N64 or a Nintendo, well here's your chance to experience the best games of these consoles on your Gamecube. I used to own the original Zelda for the NES but was stupid enough to trade it in for Tiny Toons... Also I've never played the second Zelda or Majora's Mask. Ocarina of Time has been my no.1 game ever since it game out over 10 years ago, but I never felt like buying Majora's Mask until just recently. It just seemed too different to OoT and also I was worried my N64 would break or something. Well, thank god there's this essential collection for the GC which I managed to buy for only 50€ including a Gamecube and a controller. OoT was as nostalgic as ever and still remains a perfect 10 for me. Majora's Mask was so wonderfully bizarre and unique that it's truly something every Zelda fan needs to experience. The NES Zeldas are really difficult so I can only recommend them to hardcore gamers. The bonus features, including a Wind Waker demo and a brief retrospective video for the zelda series, seem somewhat inadequate but they don't really hurt the overall presentation of this bargain.

  • Presentation
    Like I said the bonus features are a bit lacking and also some SNES zeldas would have been great, but then again, there's four classic Zeldas here!

  • Graphics
    All Zeldas looked amazing for their time and are still pleasant to look at for their art direction.

  • Sound
    Very nostalgic and catchy.

  • Gameplay
    Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece for its gameplay. Majora's Mask was at times frustrating because of all the forms Link can turn into with the masks, could take some time to get used to even when there was no time to get used to them.

  • Lasting Appeal
    The two N64 titles will last you up to 100 hours together, but you can easily double that if you want to 100% them.

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