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Competitive Co-Op at Its Finest 0

For anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Zelda series, this game is a must-own.  But even for those who don't, this game features some old-school fun and adventure mixed with some innovative ideas that come together to create an excellent addtion to the series.  The game is truly best described as a SNES game that somehow got locked in a time capsule only to be released when the world was ready for it.  The game looks and feels like 1991's A Link to the Past but Link himself has the...

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Four Swords is one of the best GC games out there. 0

Four Swords Adventures had a good story, nostalgic graphics, and some of the best gameplay seen on a current gen system. The game disappointed me with the use of chapters, but I got over it. The minigames are fun, and if you have 3 buddies with GBA links, then you should get a ton of replay value out of this. The single player is satisfying enough, but overall one of the best multiplayer games I've ever played. I wish I played more of it though. ----------Battle System---------- Four Swords...

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Not Traditional Zelda, but a great game on its own 0

First of all, if you are thinking this is going to be your traditional Ocarina, Wind Waker, Link to the Past zelda game, you have to erase that from your mind right now. Okay. This game is a fun, 4 player multiplayer game, that has you exploring the world of Zelda, similar to the gameplay of Link to the Past, but in a much much more linear fashion. There are levels, with puzzles, similar to the Zelda dungeons. You and your friends work together, simultaneously to unlock these puzzles and advance...

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While the Zelda underneath isn't great, the co-op is legendary. 0

The ShortPros- Very fun and furious co-op Zelda experience- The inclusion of subtle competitive elements causes dissonance between teammembers, which is awesome- Puzzles and dungeons are, for the most part, great fun with friends- Controls are reasonable with regards to character management if you can't get the complete set of four buddies together- Graphics look straight out of the SNES Link to the Past- "Dark Link" verses mode is weirdly amazing, providing a four-player murder spree using 2D Z...

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Grab some cables and have a blast 0

As far back as 2000, when the Gamecube was first unveiled to the public at that fateful Spaceworld, Nintendo was saying how amazing they could make the connectivity between Gamecube and the forthcoming Game Boy Advance, and all the games, features and ideas that could take advantage of it. However, the way it was first described to the public was little more than a dream as the two systems panned out. What GC-GBA connectivity ended up being was a little more than being able unlock bonus features...

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