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Link's second outing on the N64 is his darkest one yet!

The darkest Zelda game out. It has a moon falling on the earth, a crazy kid with magical powers, a mask man after you and the good old ocarina/epona what more do you need? Zelda Majora's mask starts off where Zelda: Ocarina of Time end's off. With Link loosing Navi, he sets off with Epona into the dark. There he gets mugged by a flying kid with two fairies around him. It was a skull kid wearing a strange mask. Link chases him but he turns you into a Deku Scrub. Then one of the Fairies goes with you. Then a man in the dark asks you to bring the mask. Then you're adventure begins. The thing is you only have three days. So you get the Ocarina of time and with the help of Zelda turn time back to day one. You can turn into a ZORA, GORAN and a DEKU SCRUB. They all have there special techniques. Also there are over 20 masks. Each of them useful. Collect them all and you transform into a deity. The graphics are the same for Ocarina of Time which is good. The game will take about 48hours to complete, if you're a Zelda Master. If you're not then about a few weeks. This is a fun, a good game. It's worth every penny. It has the old music/sounds. This brings back good memories...


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