holyshowtime's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo 3DS) review

A great game just got better

Anyone who owns a 3DS has got to be stupid not to own this. When I bought my 3DS, I couldn't get this game immediately but I'm glad I finally got it cause this is one of the best Legend of Zelda titles ever made and it's even better on the 3DS. I had a little difficulty adjusting to the 3DS controls but not so much the gameplay. It was more the Ocarina that I had a hard time with. The game looks great. It looked great on the Nintendo 64, the remake looks even better. It's still the same game you remembered but there's a few new features. You can see future reenactments, you can fight bosses again and unlock Master Quest after you finished the original Ocarina of Time. When I first got my 3DS, it came with a free game but it was one of those low-budget games and I didn't really play it very much. I didn't play my 3DS that much until this game came out. All that's left now is a Majora's Mask 3D if it's possible.

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