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Thirteen years have passed since the original release of Ocarina of Time. Popping in the tiny grey cartridge into my 3DS made me reminisce of the days I would invite myself over to my neighbor's to hog his N64. However, I do have to confess--I never beat the original version. Knowing that, my opinion should hold more value considering three-fourths of the content is all new to me.

I could sit here and list all the new features the remastered version totes but I'll save you the time: it's in 3D and packs the optional Master Quest once the vanilla story is beaten. After I completed the game, I didn't think the Master Quest would interest me. Soon after, it occurred to me that there are no other 3DS games currently available that are worth a damn right now, so I embarked on THE Master Quest. It's safe to say that it is worth the playing time--the dungeons are more puzzling and are encroached with new enemies.

The Legend of Zelda series is iconic and Ocarina of Time is the crown jewel of the series, it's practically universally agreed upon. The 3DS version is just prettier, and 3D just lets us see the classic in a whole new way. It's like seeing old World War II photos in color... Just with fairies and pointy ears.

The game is very fluid, it's hard to find any gripes about anything. The story is still the same, so I guess it would have been cool to see Link hookup with Saria, Malon or Zelda. Nothing wrong with tarnishing a classic if the underdog protagonist is going to get some in the end, right?


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