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Proclaiming such an encompassing statement so boldly is sure to draw the attention of the naysayers.

I agree with you that it is the best game ever (although, it's not my all-time favorite).  But I disagree with you about TP - I thought that was a great game too.

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No. Half life 2 is the greatest game ever.

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No. Barbie's Horse Adventure is the greatest game ever!

No game is the best game ever.

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Gargantuan said:
"No. Barbie's Horse Adventure is the greatest game ever!

No game is the best game ever."
No doubt about that!
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No. Better games than Ocarina of Time have come out since '98. Stop living in the past.

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Although its probably one of my favorite if not my favorite game of all time, better zeldas have come out since. Windwaker and Twilight Princess are technicaly superior games in terms of control, graphics, ect. Of course the reason why you think its still the best game ever is because you assosiate it with your fond memories of it and your N64.  I'll admit Twilight Princess just didn't have that same spark or feeling I got when playing OOT , but I'd reccommend playing OOT today and see if you can still proclaim it as the best game ever.

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Gargantuan said:
"No. Barbie's Horse Adventure is the greatest game ever! "
I know you were being sarcastic, but that game actually isn't that bad. It's not a great title or anything, but it's really surprisingly not bad.

Ocarina of Time never appealed to be in the multiple attempts that I made to play it over the years (I never got past the third dungeon; I'd just get tired of the crummy control and the level design), but the other year I decided to plunk down and force myself through it. I wanted to see this mystical water temple and more than one person told me that the game really stops sucking after Link turns into an adult.

So I did it and sure enough, I fucking loved it. Also, the water temple wasn't quite as impossible as everyone made it out to be, though it was a fun little puzzle to work out. Don't know if I'd say the game is the best ever (after all, there's that long, dull beginning dungeons and the somewhat wonky control and camera), but I'd say it belongs on a list for the best games of the N64 if not for that generation.

Also, way to go OP for linking to Pirate Bay. That's pretty classy there, bro.

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