Do you consider Epona a....

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And The Great Deku Tree as well. Both submissions were rejected, and I can't really see the justification. Both are characters imo, even if the Deku Tree can be considered a place (dungeon)... it's still a character too.

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 Use the search function. They both have already been added. Their pages are pretty blank though, so you could go edit them if you want.

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oh... haha must have been added after i requested them. i know i searched before i submitted...

#4 Posted by Beaudman (67 posts) -

 Yeah, it seems like everyone's having a really hard time getting thier submissions through. I'm just going to wait until everything simmers down, and just add really obscure stuff.

#5 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

Yeah, there a character.

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Epona is definatley a character she is plays a big roll.

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I think both are definitely characters.
Epona especially, since she's been in at least 3 Zelda games now. She has to be considered a character.

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