Favourite Dungeon?

#1 Posted by Sedarati (116 posts) -

Water Dungeon LOL times

#2 Posted by Axersia (1735 posts) -

Awww... you beat me to it already.

Yes, the Water Dungeon of course. :P

#3 Posted by SarazinRuin (161 posts) -

Dogodno Cavern.

#4 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

That dungeon in Subrosia in the Zelda Oracle of Seasons game, I liked that one

#5 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

Ooof. They're all good (and hard) in their own ways. I think Jabbu's Belly.

#6 Posted by griefersstolemykeyboard (403 posts) -

Water Temple made me feel so damn stupid at times so thats the one, and to this day Nintendo has yet to release a better dungeon in my opinion

#7 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Lots of them in Age Of Conan =P

#8 Posted by Rex (85 posts) -

I loved the atmosphere of the Forest Temple. The enemy and puzzle variety was also great.

#9 Posted by Danutz (33 posts) -
Gerudo Fortress & Forest Temple
#10 Posted by Oni (2257 posts) -

Spirit Temple for sure. Awesome music, awesome atmosphere, and going there in two different time periods.

#11 Posted by viraj (61 posts) -

#12 Posted by efrucht (716 posts) -

My favorite would be the forest temple. You walked down a twisted corridor.... then walked along the walls..... how cool was that?!
The dungeon also had an amazing atmosphere, I loved the music!

#13 Posted by BAM (18 posts) -

I loved the Spirit Temple.

#14 Posted by LeboGamer13 (2 posts) -

Spirit Temple was absolutely breathtaking!

#15 Posted by sdodd02 (763 posts) -


#16 Posted by Carlos (508 posts) -

I like the well, its do dark and full of mysteries.

#17 Posted by Atlas (2575 posts) -

Spirit Temple, because it had the best music. It was also a pretty badass temple.

#18 Posted by KingOfIceland (672 posts) -

 Forrest Temple. It was just as intriguing and crazy as the water temple, but without the endless confusion and frustration.

The song was wicked sick as well

#19 Posted by Aaron_G (1680 posts) -

Hard question. Probably the Spirit Temple. You had to do a lot to get past it.

#20 Posted by BlackCurtain (62 posts) -

My favorite is the Spirit Temple. Love the atmosphere and the music.

#21 Posted by Kenzo287 (798 posts) -

The Shadow Temple fits my personality best but I really like the Forest Temple the best.

#22 Posted by Sonofabiscuit (15 posts) -

Spirit temple. I love the music and twinrova.

#23 Posted by alecscradle (70 posts) -

Shadow Temple

#24 Posted by Bass (707 posts) -

Spirit Temple has got to be my favorite. And for some reason, the Water Temple was never all that tough for me. There are a few tricky parts, but even as a 10-11 year old, the temple took me about the same amount of time as all the others. Followed up by the fact that the boss was a complete joke. The best thing about the Water Temple was Dark Link.

#25 Posted by Ossi (1279 posts) -

Water temple hands down. Fighting Dark Link was completely amazing and still is. Dark Link SSBB Skin FTW!

#26 Edited by sep (16 posts) -

Water Temple is unmatched. And i usually hate waterish dungeons.
Among others, Forest Temple and Spirit Temple stand out.

#27 Posted by Mario_Galaxy_Fan (151 posts) -

I liked the Spirit Temple best.

#28 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -

forest temple.
Although Majora's Masks Woodfall Temple is also grreat

#29 Posted by jlaudio7 (378 posts) -

Whichever one was in the desert and had the Mirror Shield.  I think its the Spirit Temple, but I'm not sure. I haven't played the game in years.

#30 Posted by nerouke (60 posts) -

Water temple was the mot satisfying to beat, but for some reason I think the spirit temple is the best (maybe because of the awesome darknuats)

#31 Posted by MikPick (361 posts) -

I love the Spirit Temple anf Fire Temple.

#32 Posted by Tonic7 (267 posts) -

I tried the water temple for about an hour before I said ef it and bought the guide. I was also about 10 years old at the time, so I consider that a good enough excuse.

#33 Posted by Twilit_Igniter42 (70 posts) -

I also have to go with the Forest Temple.  The music, I thought was annoying at first, but it grew on me with that hypnotic repeating chirping.  The atmosphere (as stated by several others) was great.  The puzzles were good.  Finding the 4 Poe sisters was good and getting them out of the painting was a neat concept.  The twisted corridor had that fun-house freakiness to it.  And the battle with Phantom Ganon was really cool - how he was riding on his horse down the road in the paintings, and then would fly between the painting, shooting lighting and stuff.  Oh, it was so great!

#34 Edited by Warihay (534 posts) -

Spirit Temple by far. The music score in that temple was simply amazing along with the atmosphere. It was just hard enough to to make it fun. Water temple follows closely behind it. I personally did not have that much trouble beating it but fighting Dark Link gave it major bonus points.

#35 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

Shadow temple.

#36 Posted by SSbabel (1216 posts) -

Water fo shore, its the only real challenge between the dungeons.

#37 Posted by Dakota (254 posts) -

Like many here, I really enjoyed both the Spirit and Water Temples.

#38 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

Reading this topic reminds me: they're all good.

#39 Posted by Tomzombie6 (82 posts) -

desert temple  i all ways thought it was second to last temple

#40 Posted by uncle_andross (40 posts) -

Spirit and Forest.

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