How bad do YOU want a remake?

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#1 Posted by Superchris129 (414 posts) -

If there's any game I want updated and re-released, it's this one. Throw in a few extra polygons, some slingshot mini-games maybe, put it on a DS card and release it as Zelda DS.

#2 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

Maybe, never played it and a lot of people love it.

#3 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

Not at all. I hate Ocarina of time.

#4 Posted by Systech (4190 posts) -

I would like that, but I would rather see something new.

#5 Posted by The_Elder_Scroll (28 posts) -

I didn't really like Ocarina of Time, I much preferred Majora's Mask.

#6 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Absolutely not. I think remaking it would only hurt the amazingness of the game. I just can't comprehend why people want remakes of excellent games that still hold up. Now, if it was like a slight graphical polish to make it look cleaner and improve the draw distance and stuff, like they're doing with Banjo-Kazooie, I think that's all okay. But then it's not exactly a remake. I think people need to understand that just remaking an old game with next-gen graphics isn't going to make the game any better.

#7 Posted by SolemnOaf (548 posts) -

 what do you call MM or TP?  they're all practically the same game.  The gameplay mechanics haven't changed since, so every sequel is a remake, in a way.  The N64 Zelda's are the most overrated games.  and another.     .   

#8 Posted by SolemnOaf (548 posts) -

I played Too Human last night with a guy who said that he hated the news media because it was too liberal and Z: OoT was the best game ever.

I had to boot him due to concerns that ignorance may be contagious.

#9 Posted by MattyFTM (14635 posts) -

A portable version would be nice, but its too soon for a full console remake. Especial since the gameplay mechanics of zelda games haven't really changed since OoT. It would just be a graphical update, and I don't see the point in just updating the graphics.

#10 Posted by Dalai (7793 posts) -

It's fine the way it is... I say no to remakes of any kind.

#11 Posted by SolemnOaf (548 posts) -

you nerds are pretty uptight about someone having a different opinion than yourselves, eh?  Well to hell with you.

#12 Posted by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

I would kill for a remake on XBLA. No, really. I will kill you.

#13 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -
SolemnOaf said:

you nerds are pretty uptight about someone having a different opinion than yourselves, eh?  Well to hell with you.

Who said anything? We, or at least I, don't care.

I say NO to the remake. You can get it on the N64, Gamecube, and Wii, and it still holds up.

#14 Posted by Roger_Klotz (807 posts) -

No.. ocarina of time is good as it is.  A remake will only ruin my view on it already.

#15 Posted by Carlos (508 posts) -

Remake or not, i'll buy it!!

#17 Posted by whackmypinata (1025 posts) -
TheGTAvaccine said:
"Not at all. I hate Ocarina of time."
It's cool to hate everything everyone one else likes, right?
#18 Posted by hazelnutman (1121 posts) -

Of course, even the people complaining would end up buying it :|

#19 Posted by clarke0 (1082 posts) -

I would rather they work on a new Zelda game than re-release a game that is already "perfect".

#20 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2559 posts) -

I could really care less, but the TC's avatar is AWESOME!

#21 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -
whackmypinata said:
"TheGTAvaccine said:
"Not at all. I hate Ocarina of time."
It's cool to hate everything everyone one else likes, right?"
Nope, I've hated that game before I was even on the internet.

You're supposed to like everything everyone else likes, right?
#22 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

not at all.  I want new stuff.  MAKE ANOTHER WIND WAKER....but like in the sky

#23 Posted by DualReaver (3792 posts) -

I think the game still stands well enough on its own that a remake is not needed.

#24 Posted by Vlademir (1083 posts) -
#25 Posted by clubsandwich (3965 posts) -

I'd love to see a remake, OoT was simply perfect.

#26 Posted by Thordain (980 posts) -

You know what I would like? A new Zelda game, not a remake.

#27 Edited by zitosilva (1881 posts) -

There is a remake. It's called Twilight Princess... okay, sorry, couldn't resist.

But I don't want a remake at all... remakes are unecessay, the game is already awesome the way it is. Give us a new Zelda, not the old one.

And I swear I was kidding, but zelda games, though I do love them, don't deviate at all from a specific formula... considering that almost all zelda games that came after this one have the same itens and the same type of dungeons, sometimes even with the same puzzles, I fail to see what a remake would bring. The only thing that's different from the others is its story, but zelda's stories are generally simple and the weakest aspect of the game.

#28 Posted by kidzombie (115 posts) -

I am with Thordian, new Zelda is what the world needs

#29 Posted by PureRok (4268 posts) -

If any were to be remade it should be A Link to the Past. That game would be even more awesome in 3D, considering it's the best Zelda game ever made.

#30 Posted by BiggerBomb (7012 posts) -
#31 Posted by mugugipan (566 posts) -
The_Elder_Scroll said:
"I didn't really like Ocarina of Time, I much preferred Majora's Mask."
your retarted
#32 Posted by BiggerBomb (7012 posts) -
mugugipan said:
"The_Elder_Scroll said:
"I didn't really like Ocarina of Time, I much preferred Majora's Mask."
your retarted"

Actually, it's "You're retarded."


Irony, at it's best.
#33 Posted by Weltal (2300 posts) -

I'm ok with playing it on my N64. The game holds up well, in my opinion.

#34 Posted by StaticFalconar (4920 posts) -

It was already remade on the Gamecube.

#35 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

They already DID remake this.  They just put a wolf in it and called it Twilight Princess instead.

Wind Waker and Link to the Past are still the best in the franchise IMO, while Majora's Mask is easily the most unique and fulfilling experience that the Zelda franchise has to offer.
#36 Posted by Bear (248 posts) -

If there's any game I don't want updated and re-released, it's this one. Don't throw in a few extra polygons, never add some slingshot mini-games, put it off a cliff and don't release it as Zelda DS.

I enjoyed it when it was released; but there are so many other games that need to be remade, a lot more than this one.
#37 Posted by ParanoidFreak (1485 posts) -

I don't want a remake, a portable version on a hand held might be cool though (maybe on Nintendo's next hand held).

#38 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

I don't really want a remake of this game.  Leave it as it is, sort of the same reason I probably wouldn't want to see Goldeneye again.

#39 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

Seeing that I have never played this game except for about 30mins with that special disc that came with pre-ordering Wind Waker...I'd love to see a remake so that I might see what all the fuss was about...

#40 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

I just began playing it again recently and I am still loving it, I see no need for a remake

#41 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

I'll be honest. If they did it, I would buy it. But I don't particularly want it either.

#42 Posted by Kazona (3269 posts) -

I've never played the original so  I don't really know whether or not I'd want a remake. Having a good remake that stays true to the original might get me to play it though.

#43 Posted by CynageN (1206 posts) -

I don't want a remake, I'd love to see a worthy successor however. Majoras Mask was alright, but not on the same level.

#44 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12894 posts) -

What's with the Majora fans?  I didn't realize that they existed.
As for a remake, that would be a bad thing because the one thing that the franchise needs is a breath of fresh air, after Twilight Princess which tried too hard to emulate Ocarina instead of a new direction.

#45 Posted by StaticFalconar (4920 posts) -

Ocarina on teh DS, sure, but a remake on the Wii? No.

Think Mario64 rerelease on the DS, that worked out well, but if you do it on the Wii, it would just seem like they aren't trying.

#46 Posted by Drebin_893 (3019 posts) -

I would want the gameplay to stay exactly the same. So if by some miracle Nintendo's next console abandons the Motion-Sensing technology and is the most powerful console on the market (Graphically).....That's when I want it re-made.

#47 Posted by Yit (938 posts) -

As long is it was nothing crazy different, sure.

#48 Posted by Moon (286 posts) -

Out of 1 to 10 id say 0.

#49 Posted by TheGamerGeek (2880 posts) -
This bad
#50 Edited by Bellum (2945 posts) -

I'd prefer it if the industry moved forward, thanks.

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