Where did you put the Ocarina on the c-buttons?

Posted by rubzo (45 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: Where did you put the Ocarina on the c-buttons? (81 votes)

Always C-left. 21%
Always C-down. 22%
Always C-right. 41%
It depended on the context at the time. 16%

A simple question, ladies and gentlemen, but I must know your responses.

#1 Posted by Epidehl (406 posts) -

Right-C all the time for the original. On the GC version I always put it on Down-C/Z though.

#2 Posted by pyromagnestir (4391 posts) -

C-down, or C-right in a pinch, but never C-left. I recall having a system of some kind. I think C-left was for bombs, bow and arrow, or hookshot.

#3 Edited by Mortuss_Zero (622 posts) -

c-left? i think?

#4 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

Always to left for me.

#5 Posted by TheBlue (674 posts) -

I want to say C-down. I know I always arranged my items the same way when you become an adult for the first time. Bombs were always C-left. I can't remember though if the ocarina was down and the deku nuts were right or vice versa. Was it left? Damn, I can't remember.

#6 Posted by Suicrat (3829 posts) -

I put it on the Z button because N64 games are best played on the GameCube controller.

#7 Posted by bemusedchunk (846 posts) -


The only proper place for it.

#8 Posted by rubzo (45 posts) -

I am asking this because I am sitting here in abject horror while I watch someone play the original on the N64, with the Ocarina dancing around C-down and C-left. Madness. I need to prove to them that there is a System, damnit!

#9 Posted by micemoney (181 posts) -

C-Down for sure. It just felt right.

#10 Posted by Daneian (1308 posts) -

Arrows/Slingshot on Left C, Hookshot/boomerang on down, Ocarina on right

#11 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (554 posts) -

Always on C-Right. Always threw me off if I put it on one of the other C buttons.

#12 Posted by TheHT (12682 posts) -

c-right feels like where i'd have put it.

#13 Posted by KoolAid (1212 posts) -

C-down. Always equipped.

C-Left for bow, C-right for contextual.

#14 Posted by BisonHero (8658 posts) -

@koolaid said:

C-down. Always equipped.

C-Left for bow, C-right for contextual.

This man has it right.

#15 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Where's the "fucking wherever" option? I don't remember keeping track of where I put things specifically.

#16 Posted by rubzo (45 posts) -

Where's the "fucking wherever" option? I don't remember keeping track of where I put things specifically.

Did you somehow miss the 4th option?

#17 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -


That makes it sound like a conscious decision on my part, like I'd put it on C-Left for boss battles and C-Right for dungeons. (Bosses can't handle my mad beatboxing.) I didn't even put in the thought for where I put it; I'd just put it wherever, honestly.

#18 Posted by rubzo (45 posts) -


I simply meant dependent on the context of which slots were occupied by items that you currently happened to be using. I guess I just can't imagine a "truly" random placement, that just seems... crazy. Like, surely you must've had places where you always put certain items, otherwise you'd always have to be checking where items you wanted to use happened to currently be?

#19 Posted by Random45 (1460 posts) -

I don't recall ever having a single slot I'd put it in. I'd usually just put it in the one that I'm not really using at the time.

#20 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -
#21 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1118 posts) -

C-Left. I forget if that's a habit that started on the N64 or not until the GameCube port though. Also in Majora's Mask C-Down was always for masks. I was... weirdly meticulous about it.

#22 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

Always C-Right. And the hookshot goes on C-Left.

#23 Posted by Nightriff (6536 posts) -

Left, down was always the bow and right was alternated when items were needed.

#24 Edited by Teoball (690 posts) -

No idea. I haven't played it since it came out on the N64.
Hm, I did buy that Windwaker/Ocarina combo for the gamecube a while ago though. Maybe I'll play it again one of these days.

#25 Posted by tzmhero (12 posts) -

I don't remember. All I remember is on Windwaker, the sail was the Z-button always. I didnt want to deal with that crap.

#26 Posted by Superkenon (1571 posts) -

Pretty sure it was always on C-Left, with C-Down typically being some kind of utility item (like hookshot), and C-Down trending towards attack items (like the bow). It's possible I've mixed up left and right in my memory.

Man, I was so stoked playing the 3DS version. Four slots for items, AND a dedicated Ocarina button besides. You almost never had to switch items in that version.

#27 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5336 posts) -

I haven't played Ocarina in fifteen years but I'm pretty sure that it was C-Left.

#28 Posted by Tom_omb (538 posts) -

Permanently on C-Right. Left and down are for equipping other items, Ocarina is never not equipped!

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