An idiotic zelda question?

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I am a person who has never palyed a zelda game for long in fact I was a ps kid growing up so I never played Ocarina of Time at that time. So when I got a gamecube I bought The Wind Waker but never played it.
So when I got the 3ds Ocarina of Time 3ds was one of the games I was waiting for like a child waiting on christmas, but when I got the game I only played it for 6hours and said I am goin back to it later. That has not happend yet. 
 So the same mistake has happend again I bought Skywords Sword with the controller, I even bought batteries but with gamespots reviews and tom mcshea the reviewer. said on the hotspot he gave it a low score because new people like me would not like it or find it annoying,ect.
 Then I am not sure if I should play the game or keep the fancy limited edition mint. So I ask you guys can you help me with this idiotic question?

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Have you ever played with the Wii Remote? Have you ever played a Wii game that utilizes the Wii Remote Plus? Did you enjoy your experience using this device? Have you found you have a hard time playing games using the Wii Remote in general?
If you didn't like Wii games before, you probably won't like it now. If you did enjoy some games on the Wii and had no problem with the controls, you might enjoy Zelda. 
The Gamespot review didn't mean the game was bad. 7.5 is a pretty fair score and most reviews were positive.

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I don't think Skyward Sword is revolutionary in any kind of way but it had me engaged for 48 hours and is one of the best games I played this year among games like Portal 2 and Arkham City. If you can look beyond the graphic/tech and other stuff that has evolved during the later years in other games then you can enjoy this game. The adventure and puzzles are as good as allways. Zelda games are just plain solid.

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If you're not used to the Wii Motion Plus controls, you may be a little disappointed with how the game feels initially, especially if you paid attention to those 10/10 reviews from prestigious publications like Edge. However, I think the GS review was actually pretty spot on.

The controls are great - especially for flying around and anything that maps the gyroscope to movement. However, the aiming is not good at all and I wish they had used the IR instead of the gyro for it. You have to recentre the camera every time you want to take a shot, and while that's only an additional button press, it's still annoying. Also, holding the Wii-remote while pointing at the screen is quicker than imitating the usage of the item (so holding it upwards like a slingshot or bow) as the movements just seem to translate better when merely twisting your wrist than when moving you whole hand. As the game recalibrates based on the position of the wiimote, it doesn't matter how you hold it at all.

And the combat is fantastic. When it works. The 1-1 motion isn't as precise as I'd like and it has real trouble detecting when you're switching sides instead of slashing. As some enemies will quickly change their guard to keep you moving, this can be infuriating and you end up waggling just as you would have with Twilight Princess.

That said, the game is fantastic and it will be fine for anyone who hasn't played the series before, in fact, you may even enjoy it more due to your lack of over-exposure. Just know it's not perfect going in and you'll be fine. Also, don't be afraid to look up guides online as, for some incomprehensible reason, some core mechanics are never explained (i.e. be sure to bounce the wiimote up and down to simulate flapping wings when flying otherwise you loose speed if you move for prolonged periods of time without doing so and know that you can bowl bombs/jars instead of just throwing them by tilting the wiimote downwards until it points to the floor - just be sure to tilt it forwards otherwise it goes crazy).

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If you dont have nostalgia for the series then obviously it wont be as memorable or entertaining, but that being said, from what ive played of it its the best wii game at least lol

The motion controls are actually quite intuitive and make the combat alot better than the previous Zelda games (in my opinion)/

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