Control issues - Am I crazy?

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So, I read about the Gamespot 7.5 'controversy' and how apparently the reviewer was playing it wrong. That you never use the IR sensor to aim, but, in practice, just use the gyro in the wiimote and hold the controller perpendicular to the ground as if you were holding a bow/slingshot and that he had failed to do so.

However, after playing the game, I swear that the cursor movement is far, far more precise and, more importantly, quicker, when aiming directly at the screen. I tried both ways and, after 20 hours in, I can't help but believe that anyone who was slamming the GS reviewer for having played the game 'wrong' is totally talking BS. I swear this thing does use the IR, or am I just crazy? I mean, I have to pretty much recalibrate every single time I aim the remote at the screen but, as soon as I do so, everything works fine. Did anyone else feel this way?

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What exact moments have you had problems with? No spoilers though please, I have only played about three and a half hours in so far. Personally, I think the game controls fine, but for some things, it just takes some getting used to, or at least you have to learn it, 'cause maybe it was just my fault, but when I first started flying in that race thing, I was like "God! These ARE terrible controls!", but it was just my lack of knowing how to do it correctly, and soon after it wasn't really all that bad. I don't know, I never had to re-calibrate it so far. Personally, within my three hours, I think I can tell if there was a problem, and there really isn't one, I do think it's up to the player, or how everything is set up.

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It definitely doesn't rely on the IR to aim. I've tried blocking the sensor bar even.

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Honestly, I think IR aiming works better. The aiming in Skyward feels really sluggish to me. Doesn't ruin the game by any means, and the sword stuff is good (and more important) though. I'm more ticked off by some of the stuff with the item controls, like how you press 'B' to put away items now instead of use them after pulling them out, unlike other 3d Zelda games where A always puts items away. Actually I think Twilight Princess on Wii did that too and I didn't like it there either.

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

If you have an issue with gamespot, you might want to take it up with Gamespot...

The game controls fine, I don't know what you're talking about I just aim normally at the TV and it's fine.

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I've put in 13 hours so far...And, a 7.5 for the game is just about right. More like an 8 or 4 stars though.

The controls just are not as good as they should be. Looking around and aiming using the motion plus is sluggish, at times it simply doesn't work. Have to 'center' the screen all the time, with it failing somehow. They should have just used IR controls for aiming, and motion plus for the sword stuff. Which....speaking of. No matter how slow or precise I am, the sword controls just are not perfect enough. When I swing straight down, link should swing straight down. Most of the time, he ends up swinging diagonally, and making me miss my target. The stab stuff just doesn't work precisely when you want it to. In a game like this, where precision is damn key, it has to be perfect. If its not, it ruins the immersion. I've tried two different remotes. One with motion plus built in, and one with the add-on.

Its like...with the first two hours being nothing but absolutely boring to tears filler, trying to get you started in the world....The controls just not being responsive enough, and the story just not compelling, its a hard play through. Coming from the guy who loved the shit out of twilight princess, and the controls it had...This is rather disappointing. I'll probably end up selling it back on amazon, because I never want to have to play through those filler moments on a 2nd playthrough. Graphically, it probably is the best thing on the wii. Sound is a HUGE mixed bag. The skyloft stuff started out amazing....and went straight to hell once you left it. The lethal/final strike isn't a huge fullfilling sound like in twilight princess was. So far, it feels like a 33 hour game that could be cut down to 14

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I have more trouble with Link's arm being on the wrong side of where it should be. Almost every time I swing, his arm will go back to the right side, while my arm is still at the left waiting to swing back. I dunno, maybe I'm just moving too fast, but other than that I rarely have to center it and/or recalibrate it.

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I've put over 30 hours in and really enjoy the controls. If I went back to something with IR aiming it'd be a completely different beast.

The combat itself is pretty silly I'll admit. Only on bosses do you I really find myself needing to aim the sword precisely. Otherwise I'll just flail the Wiimote around and it works really well. Aiming projectiles I think works a lot better with the Motion+, since I really only need to cock my arm around a little bit to find the sweet spot. Yeah, you need to center it sometimes, but I've never had too big an issue.

It's not perfect but I'm happy with it.

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