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So I just finished and I found this to be the darkest zelda game yet next to Majora's Mask. Link and Zelda are cursed to reincarnate until the end of time and go through all the suffering again. Maybe I am just taking it to seriously but it really makes the whole Zelda timeline very depressing. Also, 2/3 of the way through when Zelda has all of the Goddess's memories she basically tells Link that hey sorry, but I used this girl and you because I knew you would fall for her and do anything to protect her. Again, maybe I am just looking too deep into it. :P Anyone else who has finished the game care to discuss?

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I found Skyward Sword's ending to be pretty amazing . So is Groose like the Ganon of this game except he's a good guy ? Im probably way off. Its just a thought...

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I thought it was amazing too. Just saying that it is pretty dark and casts a dark tone on the whole series. I don't really think Groose is Ganon. Really Demise is Ganon and when he comes back for Zelda in the other games he manifests himself as Ganon. Groose is just a new character who starts as an asshole bully and then becomes more humble by helping you with your quest.

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Demise as the origin of Ganondorf is pretty awesome, err... once he takes his final form. The giant scaly mouth form is kind of lame.

I thought they might make Groose the Ganondorf character at one point in the story, really glad they didn't.

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@sawtooth: I was actually really hoping for the Groose/Ganon thing to happen. It would have had much more of an emotional impact than the actual final boss who's around for all of about ten minutes in the entire game.

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