evil stone, and the midnight merchannt

#1 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

dont spoil to much but like how far into the game am i supposed to see this midnight merchant? i just need 1 evil stone, pissing me off...

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after the skyloft event or something which i dot know im collecting the final songs and still dont see that merchant?

#3 Posted by GunstarRed (5480 posts) -

You dont really need it, youll get a bunch of evil stones from killing zombie goblins.

#4 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

i just need one more for my sacred bow, thats why. dont feel like looking around unless ne1 has an easy to miss evil crysta;/stone

#5 Posted by GunstarRed (5480 posts) -

Just go to the underground section of the temple behind the waterfall and fight shit. It would take about the same amount of time as going to skyloft, going into the cave and summoniung the merchant. Carrying the treasure medal would help too.

#6 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

no clue where that is

#7 Posted by xyzygy (10079 posts) -

What's the midnight merchant?!

#8 Posted by MEATBALL (3504 posts) -

The midnight merchant doesn't show up until pretty late in the game, you'd probably be better off heading on over to Bamboo Island in the hopes of getting an evil crystal. IIRC a score around 20-25 will get you either a Monster Horn or an Evil Crystal.

#9 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

oh okay i got the monster horn, so i figured i just wasnt good enough for the crystal. i did spoil it on accident and saw what 'event' im supposed to be waiting for, i just know its close.

Sorry MOONnight merchant.

#10 Edited by lusence (350 posts) -

moonlight merchant? whateva... But i finially did get an evil crystal at the bamboo challange. 33 cuts was my record, seems like i got mainly godess plumes. 20 cuts for the evil stone

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