Game breaking glitch.

#1 Posted by lusence (427 posts) -

Okay im 85 hours in and just now getting to that part that can glitch. So after 80 hrs it better not fuck up, cant belive how long this game is. ive put more time on this first walktrhough than i did with skyrim. So anyways if this glitch breaks my game im going to destroy my WII.

#2 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5882 posts) -

80 hours?
I'm near that part now and I've only played 32 O_o

#3 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

Thanks for the details now just let me walk you through the problem...

#4 Posted by selbie (2095 posts) -

Why I oughta!

#5 Posted by IBurningStar (2199 posts) -

Didn't Nintendo release a patch you can download that fixes the glitch? You should probably get that instead of trashing your Wii if things go wrong. Anyway, just don't do the desert area first. Crisis averted.

#6 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

@IBurningStar: I thought I read that the glitch can't be fixed with a patch once it happens. The patch only prevents it from happening if it hasn't already.

#7 Posted by lusence (427 posts) -

@FancySoapsMan: Um I my self am fucking shocked ive put 87hours to be exact into the game... Not really sure how, I can maybe give 10hrs to idle time but thats tops, cause i really didnt go idle much. I guess I just did a lot of exploring and side quests and stuff. Almost have all the needed gratitude crystals, upgraded most of my gear...

Anyways yah i wanst going to trash my WII, but its not hooked up to the internet yet, so.... But i guess if i go to Faron first i should be okay, crossing fingers.

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