The Trials.

#1 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

What do you guys think of the trials? At first i was a little daunted by the idea, but i think it makes for a great side game. its a rush trying to get to that next tear when your being chased by those one hit guardians. just finished the last trial, pretty intense i thought.

#2 Posted by Dogma (990 posts) -

I really like the trails in the Silent Realm. I didn't think I would like them but now it's one of the best parts that I remember most fondly. I like how they used your understanding of your soroundings by being there earlier in the game. The last one was intense but really good.

#3 Posted by Enns (376 posts) -

I normally hate this type of stealth section. It really made it so I didn't want to screw up though so it was actually a big relief completing them. I think the first one and the one in the lava area were the only ones I had to retry. Like Dogma said knowing the area and planning a route accordingly was cool. It almost always went to hell at some point and you just had to gun it to a bead you were saving which after the fact made it a better experience. That said I don't blame anyone that hates them at all.

#4 Posted by GunstarRed (5548 posts) -

They were the weakest part of the game for me, I just couldn't stand them. I was really surprised when they all talked about how much they loved them on the IGN spoiler podcast. I didn't like how the enemies with the lights seemed unavoidable at times and I reaaaaally hated that failure meant you had to sit through about eight text boxes telling you you just failed.

#5 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

@GunstarRed: Yah i can see that. If i failed more than just a couple times i could see how i would of got really frustrated and not liked em at all. But, I only failed a couple times, and it was a very close call, so i didnt get too frustrated and just had a good time. I do think they made it easy enough to get through though with out too much trouble.

#6 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3160 posts) -

It looked phenomenal, and those Guardians are both impressive looking and imposing. They look like they walked straight out of Wind Waker, and the style is a little jarring at first, but man, those Silent Realm sections are still great.

#7 Posted by Simplexity (1382 posts) -

Was not the strongest part of the game for me, but I didn't mind it.

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