Boat Increased Speed Ability + Ending Changes

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For those that haven't seen it. Here's the link to the interview on Wind Waker HD released after the Nintendo Direct this morning. They announce the ability to speed up the boat (after an unspecified point in the game) as well as how they are looking into changing the ending to make it "flow better". And with him talking about how he thinks he is fulfilling his original vision of Wind Waker (and trying to fix what he describes as the game seeming to end "abruptly") it definitely sounds like they are at least going to bring back some of the parts they removed (or space out the current parts differently to change the pace of the game).

What do you think? Does this sound like enough of a difference to make it worth playing again? I have been partially wishing to go back and replay Wind Waker, and I think I would have by now if the boat speed was faster in the gamecube game (it will depend at what point the ability is unlocked though).

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The ship speed never struck me as sluggish in WW, but possibly addressing the dumb late-game collectathon? That would be nice.

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Flow better? Are they including the whole tri-force hunt as part of the "ending"? Because I don't recall anything particularly wrong with the actual ending.

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@zeik said:

Flow better? Are they including the whole tri-force hunt as part of the "ending"? Because I don't recall anything particularly wrong with the actual ending.

Yes. At one point he specifically brings up the Triforce bit (and then goes into how he felt it then ended a bit too soon - possibly the extra dungeon was originally set to be between these two points)

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That's good to hear, but I hope everyone is being realistic: they're not going to go back and do a bunch of new design work to implement the dungeon or two that were cut from Wind Waker the first time around. The boat speed thing is nice, and I'm sure they could tweak a few things to help with the pacing near the end of the game, but given that this whole HD rerelease is just them buying time so we don't have a big gap between console Zeldas, I don't expect a ton of original work to be put into this game.

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It'd be nice if they added in the cut dungeons from the late game and just straight up removed or trivialized that Triforce Hunt at the end, but I doubt they'll go that far. In any case, throwing in a speedy boat option is something I am not opposed to... were I a Wii U owner who had any inclination to buy Wind Waker again.

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If they fix the Tri-force bit by adding dungeons I will buy a Wii U just for this game, but I'm assuming they'll just make it less of a pain to collect the stuff.

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They dont need to change anthing in my opinion, WW is awesome as it is! My favorite Zelda game by far. And yes, i did play Alttp and Oot. ( wich are both excellent aswell. )

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