How do you think it holds up?

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Wind Waker HD is now out, I've played a few hours of it and made it to Dragon Roost Island, how are you guys finding it? Is it just as good as you remember or did you just say fuck this at that stealth section at the prison.

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I played the Gamecube version not too long ago and still enjoyed it a lot, and I've heard nothing to suggest the HD version is worse, so I would say it definitely holds up.

That stealth section isn't so bad. I know my little brother hates it though.

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That game is still incredible on Gamecube. It's one of my two favorite Zelda games...

...the other of which is Link to the Past.

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It holds up pretty well! Also the stealth part isn't that bad considering I only had to be stealthy once.

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It has some rough edges, like how some of the jumping/swinging segments require too much precision to pull off or how the aiming controls for things like the boomerang require too much hand-stretching (or the gyroscope controls--no, thank you) to pull off. Everyone always said they hated the sailing, but it's probably one of my favorite parts. Very relaxing. I'm really surprised how much of it I've forgotten, since I remember really liking it when I originally played it.

It's still, I think, the most charming game in the series and that art-style looks phenomenal on a full HD display. Some of the frame drops are unfortunate, but I'd say that Wind Waker still sits in my top 3 Zelda games.

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I don't remember it being so tedious. There are a lot of sections where you sailing to various spots for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Even with those long stretches of sailing the game felt shorter than I remembered. It's still a great and good looking game but my nostalgia was a bit rosier than I realized.

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