How do you think it holds up?

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Wind Waker HD is now out, I've played a few hours of it and made it to Dragon Roost Island, how are you guys finding it? Is it just as good as you remember or did you just say fuck this at that stealth section at the prison.

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I played the Gamecube version not too long ago and still enjoyed it a lot, and I've heard nothing to suggest the HD version is worse, so I would say it definitely holds up.

That stealth section isn't so bad. I know my little brother hates it though.

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That game is still incredible on Gamecube. It's one of my two favorite Zelda games...

...the other of which is Link to the Past.

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It holds up pretty well! Also the stealth part isn't that bad considering I only had to be stealthy once.

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It has some rough edges, like how some of the jumping/swinging segments require too much precision to pull off or how the aiming controls for things like the boomerang require too much hand-stretching (or the gyroscope controls--no, thank you) to pull off. Everyone always said they hated the sailing, but it's probably one of my favorite parts. Very relaxing. I'm really surprised how much of it I've forgotten, since I remember really liking it when I originally played it.

It's still, I think, the most charming game in the series and that art-style looks phenomenal on a full HD display. Some of the frame drops are unfortunate, but I'd say that Wind Waker still sits in my top 3 Zelda games.

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I don't remember it being so tedious. There are a lot of sections where you sailing to various spots for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Even with those long stretches of sailing the game felt shorter than I remembered. It's still a great and good looking game but my nostalgia was a bit rosier than I realized.

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I know this is an older thread, but I just finished this (about 3 minutes prior to typing this post). I have never played the original as I never owned a Gamecube. I love the look of it (never understood the 'kiddie' argument of the graphics...) and I didn't mind the sailing too much. My biggest complaint is the relatively obscure and obtuse nature of the game's progression when you have to find the two original 'gods' (the little guy with the violin and the girl with the harp). I felt that, up until this point, you were guided along well - with the map marking where you needed to go next. Some kind of quest log would have been greatly appreciated, to give some indication of what was to be done next. I sailed around for at least 4 or 5 hours trying to find those guys, and had no clue where to look - ending with me consulting the internet. And the ghost ship? I wouldn't have had a chance finding that were it not for the internet laying out that you needed to visit an island on the opposite side of the overworld...

I get that it's a 10+ year old game, and only minor tweaks were made to 'balance' certain aspects, so to speak, but some kind of guidance/'modernisation' (probably a dirty word considering we're talking about a game widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all-time, but I feel that gaming has moved beyond some aspects of game design for the better) would have been greatly beneficial. I agree with people arguing that some aspects of the controls required a level of precision that the Gamepad couldn't really keep up with, but, like I said, my biggest issue was the lack of guidance. Still, I can see why this game is so widely regarded, and am glad that I've played it (albeit coming rather late to that party...)

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It's the best Zelda game I've played (Yes, including Ocarina which I only played a few years ago)

I love everything about it save for when you are dealing with the forced stealth sections (or does that only happen once? I don't recall) and the triforce hunt (which really isn't that bad)

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The GC version still holds up fairly well, though it can be really tedious. (Namely always having to change the Wind's direction and the triforce shards)

The Wii U version adds some conveniences like the super sail and shortening the trip force quest. Otherwise pretty much the same games. (Also happens to be my favorite Zelda so like, play one of them.)

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