My most beautiful game of the year.

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Graphics are not something I usually care that much about. But I just have to talk about the graphics in The Wind Waker HD. Mainly because I see very few other people doing so for some reason. They're stunning! Absolutely stunning. There was a time on Outset Island during the day where I just sat there looking at the game for a good five minutes just because of how gorgeous it looked. The lighting, the colors, the.....everything! On top of that, the game just looks......I dunno, smooth? This game came out so long ago, so it's crazy how it's my personal best looking game of the year, but man. MAN.

I dunno, I felt like I had to talk about this. I've been playing it for about a day now, and not often am I absolutely floored my graphics, but I just have to say something about this game. The only problem I have with them so far (if this even falls into the graphics category) is the frame rate. It gets really rotten whenever those weird particle effects are on screen. Like, really fucking rotten. Which is unforunate because every other aspect of this game's graphics are just completely flawless in my opinion. Sure, games like Battlefield 4 and The Last of Us also came out this year, but I don't think I'm ever gonna be super into the whole " realistic " graphics stuff until we get to a point where we're basically just playing CG movies because there's still just too many flaws in those visuals for me to really be able to say wow.

So yeah! My dumb best looking game of the year award goes to Wind Waker HD!


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