Playing this right now.

#1 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3295 posts) -

I'm stuck on the stealth part. I keep getting caught and frustrated. Fuck this game.

#2 Posted by iDarktread (1189 posts) -

That part scared me when I was little.

#3 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -

Patience is key, I remember rushing at times and getting thrown back in a million times.
(Fuck, I mean, Link keeps escaping, might wanna look into a better cell guys!)

#4 Posted by laserbolts (5386 posts) -

Give it a chance one of my favorite games of all time. That part does suck though.

#5 Posted by Rattle618 (1456 posts) -

That part kind of sucks, but it´s sooo good to go back there after a while with your sword and beat the shit out of those pigs that it´s totally worth it.

#6 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3295 posts) -

I got through it, I was just letting out a little anger. I think I have to go back to rescue someone's daughter?

#7 Posted by AndrewB (7692 posts) -

Frustrated the crap out of me as well. Easily the worst part of the game. Music is probably the worst part of it because it's a terrible short loop of music that you hear a whole lot of as you fail over and over.

#8 Posted by JackSukeru (5995 posts) -

Yeah that part sucks, also it's your sister, also you won't have to stealth through it next time.

#9 Posted by Potango (73 posts) -

That part does suck but after that the game really takes off. one of the best scene is just after that.

#10 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2406 posts) -

That's the only bad part, and it's not too bad if you're patient.

#11 Posted by JackSukeru (5995 posts) -

@Xpgamer7 said:

That's the only bad part, and it's not too bad if you're patient.

I dunno, alot of people (including myself) weren't terribly jazzed about that Triumph Forks part.

#12 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3295 posts) -

The stealth part pales in comparison to having to get the triforce pieces. :(

#13 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3295 posts) -

The Triforce pieces totally killed this game dead for me.

#14 Posted by Bulby33 (622 posts) -

Yeah, two crappy parts of an otherwise phenomenal game.

#15 Posted by TooWalrus (13259 posts) -

It can't be that bad, because I totally don't even remember that part. Don'
t you just sail around and follow your charts and fish up the peices?

#16 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3295 posts) -

Finally went and got all the Triforce maps and then all the pieces. Great game marred by a couple tedious parts.

#17 Posted by SexyToad (2722 posts) -

It took you a year?

#18 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2605 posts) -

Best Zelda

Last good Zelda

Flame away I do not care

#19 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3295 posts) -

@SexyToad said:

It took you a year?

I was so put off by not wanting to go get all the pieces and stuff.

@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

Best Zelda

Last good Zelda

Flame away I do not care

You don't like Twilight Princess? Or Phantom Hourglass?

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