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The next Legend of Zelda game, the first original entry on Wii U, was first officially acknowledged as being in development during a Nintendo Direct on January 23, 2013. Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma talked briefly about the design approach to this new game. They want to address key issues brought up by media and fans alike over the years.

They are currently "rethink[ing] the conventions of Zelda." Aonuma specifically called out the linear story progression and single-player-only gameplay as being ripe for a fresh approach. The team is "setting aside" these conventions and wants to go "back to basics" to create a "reborn" Zelda game for Wii U. Aonuma also mentioned they were already trying to do this a bit with Skyward Sword but were unable to circumvent the linear design of the game at the time.

At E3 2013, Aonuma mentioned that part of the reason work was done to port The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker to the Wii U was to use the game as a practice run and gain experience in HD game development. Nintendo considered showing the new Wii U Zelda game at E3, but chose to wait and continued development before unveiling it a year later.

The game was finally revealed at E3 2014 during Nintendo's Digital Event. Aonuma introduced the game by explaining their goal to build a modern Zelda title with a completely open world inspired by the nature of the original The Legend of Zelda, discarding the more restrictive hub world nature of games such as Ocarina of Time. The goal is to allow players to explore the world and to approach aspects such as dungeons from multiple angles. The puzzles become figuring out how to get where players want to go and what to do once they get there.

The first footage of the game features Link, dressed in a blue tunic, riding a horse and coming across an enemy that attacks with beams of light. Link returns the attack with his bow.

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