Anyone else hoping we get a Wind Waker style WiiU Zelda game?

#1 Posted by RE_Player1 (7536 posts) -

We were shown this when the Gamecube's power was unveiled at Spaceworld:

And we got this instead:

Now we are shown this for the WiiU's graphical ability:

While I enjoyed Twilight Princess for it's core game play, story and general darker tone Wind Waker is probably still my favorite Zelda game. I would love nothing more than another console game with that style taken to the next level. So what about you guys? Do you want to see that art style again or are you hoping they stick to what has been shown so far?

#2 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7617 posts) -

Skyward Sword had a pretty vibrant art style, without just making a replica of the Wind Waker. I really did love WW's style, but I wouldn't want to just see it reused again.

#3 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8610 posts) -

I really wanna see the demo you posted for Wii U.
They need that to keep some footing with the fans if you ask me.
Looking forward to any Zelda, in any case.

#4 Posted by pyromagnestir (4349 posts) -

I'd be alright with that. Wind Waker is fucking gorgeous. I felt at the time that Twilight Princess was kind of a bland take on Shadow of the Colossus's art style, for the most part. Skyward Sword's was better than Twilight Princess, but the more "realistic" Link looks the more he seems a bit off, to me.

#5 Posted by Brenderous (1105 posts) -

I want to see a Zelda game there the "gimmick" is that there is no control gimmick, like Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker. But I doubt that's going to happen with the Wii U.

Most likely we'll get something like "The Legend of Zelda: The Lens of Truth," in which you have to use the Wii U controller to look at enemies to show their weak points or something.

#6 Posted by awadnin (276 posts) -

for me I want next Zelda will be:

- Realistic graphics for WiiU

- Cel-Shaded graphics for 3DS

#7 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I want them to do something new, why not a new art style while we are at it?

#8 Posted by Vinny_Says (5729 posts) -

Phantom Hourglass 2 bitches!!!

#9 Posted by frankfartmouth (1031 posts) -

Eh, not really. I'd be OK with a cel-shaded look or some hybrid like Skyward Sword, but only if the combat is ramped up a little. Overall, Zelda is probably my favorite franchise of all time, but they've really watered down the combat difficulty in recent years, and it seemed like that was most pronounced with WW. It's given me the impression that a cartoony look goes with soft combat. I'd rather see it go in the other direction if I had a choice. But Zelda's still Zelda. I'll take it however it comes.

#10 Posted by Zippedbinders (1053 posts) -

How about a new art style, you know, what they do nearly every goddamn game?

#11 Posted by Jack268 (3387 posts) -
#12 Posted by fuzzypumpkin (391 posts) -

I would honestly enjoy them releasing a HD version of Wind Waker because I never finished that on GameCube and I no longer own one. They wouldn't release it on anything but Nintendo systems though and I don't have a Wii and I also don't plan on buying the, my idea sucks for me I guess.

#13 Posted by Slag (5169 posts) -

I hope we get Windwaker playstyle with OoT or SS artstyle.

#14 Posted by JonathanAshleyMoore (283 posts) -

Personally, I wouldn't want to see a return to that Wind Waker style again. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are fantastic games that mostly satisfied that itch. I just wanna see them do something original again. I don't feel like I've seen anything terribly original from the console games since... well, since Wind Waker.

Up until Twilight Princess, everything was so amazingly original. Original game starts the whole thing, second one changes the game, third one returns to the roots with so much more, Link's Awakening brings it to the handheld, Ocarina is my personal favorite game of all time and brought so much to the series including obviously 3D and Z-Targeting, Majora's Mask brings a time-element and the darkest feel to the series and once again, Wind Waker shakes it up aesthetically.

Twilight Princess felt like too much familiar ground and Skyward Sword felt like they took many elements of Zelda, but not anything terribly original.

I wanna see something awesome, but not Wind Waker again.

#15 Posted by JJOR64 (19108 posts) -

I really hope we do, but I have a felling we will get a realistic looking Zelda game on Wii U.

#16 Posted by Zacagawea (1631 posts) -

Eh, save WW style stuff for 3DS.

#17 Posted by Seroth (730 posts) -

Heck no. The Wind Waker style is so overused. It's been used in at least 6 games already. Move on to a new art style. It can use cel shading again, sure, but I'm tired of Cat-eyed Link.

#18 Posted by PillClinton (3307 posts) -

I do. The WW style would look phenomenal in HD finally. I know you can kind of do that already with Dolphin, but still, a new game with that style and modern graphics would be awesome.

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