Hyrule Historia, I think I found a Misprint in my limited edition

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I got my Limited Edition Hyrule Historia back last friday & have been reading it on my off time. It's an amazing book, & a must own for any zelda fan, but I was reading it today( today being the actual US release) & I stumbled upon what I believe to be a misprint.

I can't be sure 100% because the book officially just came out today, & there are no scans of the english pages yet so IDK it's a whole run of books or just mine. It's not much, but if you know Zelda like I do, you probably can spot it out.

The misprint is on Page 89 of my Limited Edition of the book, the error in question is the art for the Sprit Medallion & the Fire Medallion are in the wrong place.

If this truly is a Misprint, I have something really special in possession.

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It's definitely a mistake, though I bet they're all like that, and I doubt the Historia is going to get a second edition... at least not until there are a few more Zelda games.

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Lol....Can I have it?

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