Show off your Zelda collection.

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Front Row: Adventure of Link (Complete in box, gold Cartridge), Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition (C.I.B), Links Awakening DX, Majora's Mask Collectors Edition (C.I.B), The Wind Waker (C.I.B)

Middle Row: Twilight Princess Wii (C.I.B), Ocarina of Time 3DS (C.I.B), The "Real" Ocarina of Time, Spirit Tracks (C.I.B), Collectors Edition (C.I.B)

Back Row: Skyward Sword (C.I.B)

Just Arrived: A Link to the Past GBA (C.I.B)

In the mail: Twilight Princess GC, Master Quest GC

I've always loved Zelda, but more recently I've become obsessed with it. I have no idea why. My ebay watch list is filled with the ones I don't have, like the oracles that I was only able to rent when I was younger, along with others that I made the mistake of trading in.

Do I have a problem? Debatable. Do I care? Nope.

I want to see what you have. List it, take a picture, w/e.

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Whatever I have the Zelda Golden Gameboy Limited Edition SP.

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You forgot these! Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome collocation, i love zelda :)

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Nice collection, never been a big fan of the franchise, but this is neat.

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Nothing special, but this is mine:

That's N64 Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask (with 3D image explaining why you can't make it put), Gamecube Four Swords Adventure & Wind Waker (Limited Edition with Majora's Mask bonus disc), Wii Skyward Sword (I got the Limited Edition with Gold Wiimote) & Twilight Princess, GBA Minnish Cap & A Link to the Past, GBC Oracle of Ages, Gameboy Link's Awakening, DS Sprit Trackers & Phantom Hourglass and finally 3DS Ocarina of Time. That's 13 games in total.

@Tarsier said:

i like ocarina of time its the best

Are you behaving today?

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@Contrarian: why are your Gameboy boxes black and white?!

I'm gonna take a picture tomorrow :) have to dig my SNES/N64 boxes out of a bigger box :D

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Damnit! I went to go take a picture of my collection but can't find my Link to the Past cartridge! DAMNIT!

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I have only ever completed one Zelda game, Ocarina of Time using the Gamecube collectors disk, but if I can get one I would love to put the N64 box on a shelf to admire. That was a wonderfully built game that I am proud to have completed.

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@DeF said:

@Contrarian: why are your Gameboy boxes black and white?!

I'm gonna take a picture tomorrow :) have to dig my SNES/N64 boxes out of a bigger box :D

I don't use the boxes as they are a pain in the bookcase. I just transferred all of my Gameboy games to DS sized CD plastic cases (flexible ones, not the jewel ones). They are cases for multiple discs, so are deeper than the normal ones. I printed the box cover to give a feel for a real case (I don't do colour printing at home) and with the spine having the name, I can find them easy. With 150 ish Gameboy games (across all types), it has taken me a while to accumualate the cases (discards from work).

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I have a 1.0 gray cart of OoT and a copy of Majora's Mask still. But the only Zelda games I actually really enjoyed were ALttP, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

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Some omissions so far: The Ocarina of Time with Master Quest bonus disc, the Zelda anniversary soundtrack for people who got the 3ds copy of ocarina on day 1 and registered their copies.

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Here it is. Apparently, I do not own Phantom Hourglass, Oracle of Ages, or Minish Cap. I may have sold the first two, but there is no way I would ever part with Minish Cap.

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@Marino: Whoa, what is that awesome Wind Waker box from?

#16 Posted by Marino (4764 posts) -

@BoG: Honestly, I don't remember for sure. I think it came out of the strategy guide. I remember putting it in there because it looked cool, but also to differentiate it from the factory sealed one I have.

Two of those silver "Collector's Edition" GameCube discs are sealed too. I should really look into finding boxed copies of the original, Zelda II and the GBC color games.

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Oh, just to clarify, there's nothing different about that copy of Wind Waker other than the alternate cover art that I put in it.

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@Marino: I'm Jelly.

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@TimesHero: That collection just means I'm old. That's all.

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@Marino said:

How did I miss this? Here's what I've got (without digging out posters and magazine covers)...

Larger Image:

Are the CD-i games in there?

Yeah, I'm wondering if any Zelda fans actually have or acknowledge the existence of those...

EDIT: Also, Zelda games - I have Ocarina of Time on the Wii and Darksiders. If you want to count Darksiders. I have completed neither.

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@believer258: Darksiders is not zelda, just inspired by. The CDi games don't count in an actual collection because they are actually not true Zelda games and do not follow story Cannon. The only reason I would ever want those is because they are actually part of nintendo's mis-history.

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I'd need to go home to have access to my Zelda collection. I don't have most of the boxes anymore, but I have a LOT of the games. Also, somewhere in my house, I have action figures of Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and Epona, but I haven't seen them in many years. Also, I think the dog got at a couple of them, and I remember Ganondorf missing a leg for a very long time.

I don't think I've ever traded in a Zelda game, and I don't intend to do so. They're iconic titles that are in high demand, and even if I think Ocarina of Time aged terribly (that game is SHIT) the rest of the series is still totally playable.

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I have more Halo stuff.

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I finally dug all the stuff out of my boxes. here it goes:

this is everything ... or so I thought
because I forgot my Spirit Tracks special edition lunch box and the two figurines that were inside (got that when I ordered it from

and of course I forgot the soundtracks and OoT 3D once I packed everything up again ... so they get their own pic with bad lighting.

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