What type of Zelda game do you enjoy the most?

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The Legend of Zelda, the only good zelda game. That's right, I said it.

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Top view Zelda's

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I guess 2D. I only ever enjoyed played the gameboy colour and the Wii one though. I never understood why people went so nuts for that series. I guess it's a nostalgia thing.

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The 3D ones, they are less common and often more ambitious than their 2D bretheren.

That said two of my favorite Zelda games were Oracle of Seasons and Adventure of Link.

#6 Posted by BUCK3TM4N (544 posts) -

i like both

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links awakening is my favorite zelda game. I never got into the 3d zelda's but man I love me some 2d zelda

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I like em both.

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Wind Waker.

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The only Zelda game I can enjoy is Link's Awakening. All the other games in the series just bore me. So uhh... 2D.

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Bofe uh dem.

#13 Posted by Vexxan (4625 posts) -

3D ones.

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3d for me.

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@Badhands said:

The Legend of Zelda, the only good zelda game. That's right, I said it.

This thread just got real.  
Also, 3-D. I played a ton of the original, though I never beat it, as a kid. I just so happened to play OOT at the perfect age and it hit all the right fantasies. And Wind Waker is beautiful. 
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The best kind of Zelda is a Toodie Zelda :D

#17 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -

3d but 2d is still amazing.

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The awesome ones.

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2D Zelda for me.

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Link to a past is the best game ever (with Metroid Fusion) so it's 2D Zelda for me

#21 Posted by MEATBALL (4036 posts) -

3D, but the same can be said for most games.

#22 Posted by laserbolts (5472 posts) -

Link to the past is my favorite so 2d it is

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I love both styles to be honest

In terms of what i played the most, 3d would have to go to Ocarina of time and 2d Links awakening

I recently started playing Zelda on the Nes and enjoyable it alot.

#25 Posted by sionweeks (710 posts) -
@Rattle618 said:
Wind Waker.
#26 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -
@laserbolts said:
Link to the past is my favorite so 2d it is
What he said.
#27 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

I love them both, but my favourite in the series are in 3D.

#28 Posted by Dalai (7793 posts) -

3D, but I'd pay good money for a top-down Zelda game again... and while we're at it, a 2D Metroid game as well.

#29 Posted by hurtfulmadmax (85 posts) -

Moments away from starting up "Ocarina 3DS". Never owned a Nintendo 64, and only played half of "Wind Waker". Here's to hoping that it meets at least half the hype.

#30 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -
I really like the 2D ones but i tend to like exploring a 3D world more, and I liked exploring Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. So 3D for me
#31 Posted by Hector (3523 posts) -

Both...3D on consoles and 2D on handhelds.

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I can't play Zelda games anymore.

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Tough choice, but Wind Waker was just so good that I had to choose 3D.

To the folks saying that the games are boring and it must be nostalgia, I have to say that Gears of War bores me to death. It's not nostalgia, it's different tastes.

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The one with the bombs.

#35 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

Top down games are far easier.
That being said, 3D ones look much better for obvious reasons, but I don't like the control schemes too much.
2D it is.

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@Rattle618 said:
Wind Waker.
Yes, this is the best way to say what my opinion is :)
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@Badhands said:

The Legend of Zelda, the only good zelda game. That's right, I said it.

And no one cares.
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I'm of the opinion your first game in the series is always your favorite. My first was The Legend of Zelda, but I was too young to understand it, and the game explained nothing ( which make life difficult on a seven year old). Anyway, My favorite was Zelda: A Link to the Past. I loved the open world feel and the challenges/puzzles the game could present. So, I'm going to go with 2D. However, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is absolutely phenomenal and I would say it was a very close second if not a tie for first place in my heart for Zelda love.

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I'd have to go with 3D, my favorite Zelda's all fit into that category. That being said, the 2D ones are also all great.

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@crusader8463 said:
I guess it's a nostalgia thing.
What? You can't like a game the first time you play it because of nostalgia. If you don't like the games, that's one thing, but don't try and say other people only like them because of nostalgia. That's just ridiculous.

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