gamespotnomore's ファミコンミニ ゼルダの伝説 (Game Boy Advance) review

A Classic Game

The Legend of Zelda on the Game Boy Advance is just like you remember it. Guide Link through Hyrule to defeat Gannon and save Zelda. Zelda can collect Rupees and acquire bombs, swords, arrows, and bows to use against enemies. Travel inside dungeons, across forests, and across the sea. I was born in 1982, but I had never played this game until recently, and I enjoyed it. There are some tough parts, and I'll admit I did look online to get to a couple dungeons, but it was a great gaming experience beating Gannon.

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    Nice Port, Some Slowing Occasionally 0

    The Legend of Zelda on Game Boy Advance is a pretty good port from the Nintendo Entertainment System. There is some slowing when there are many enemies on the screen, but it does not happen very often. In this game you play as Link, who is trying to save Zelda from the clutches of Ganon. You travel throughout Hyrule, discovering new dungeons, swords, rings, arrows, and bombs. After all these years, it holds up well as a great game from the NES-era with a healthy variety of enemies, scenery, upgr...

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