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The Lone Ranger is a 1991 NES game developed and published by Konami. The game features multiple types of game play including platforming and shooting. The plot of the game is Butch Cavendish has killed the Lone Ranger's Texas Rangers comrades and kidnapped the President. The Lone Ranger is the last of the Texas Rangers and the only man who can bring Butch Cavendish to justice and rescue The President. Most of the game involves traveling to different towns in the old west to gather information and earn money for weapon upgrades and ammunition. The player is given a map marked with various old west cities to travel to. The player can travel on foot, horseback, or travel to different citied directly by train. When the player travels by foot or horseback, they may encounter outlaws, which are shown as cowboys dressed in dark clothing walking around on the map. On the map and in the towns the game is viewed with a top down, almost isometric view. In other parts of the game, the game will change to side scrolling with platforming elements, or to a first person view. In the first person view the game can be controlled with either a standard controller or a Zapper.

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