Another Longest Journey Adventure in the Works

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@RVonE said:

I liked The Longest Journey and loved Dreamfall (controversial, I know). Yay for more of this universe.

Dreamfall had a few issues as an actual video game but the story was still top-notch and that's really what I'm looking for in any continuations.

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Oh fuck yes.

#53 Posted by ZombiePie (6254 posts) -

The Longest Journey and Dreamfall were and are fantastic games. This has been a long time coming and I can't wait!

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Oh sweetbabyjesus! 0_0

Definitely want!

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Goddamn, fucking gimme already :( I adore this series.

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@Efesell said:

Holy Shit.

agree and well-spoken, been tracking this game forever

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@BenderUnit22 said:

A happy day for Kevin VanOrd.

He is probably having a field day. I've never seen a man with such a hardon for Funcom. It's really impressive.

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The Longest Journey is one of my favorite games. It blended great storytelling with interactive gameplay in a way that has since been attempted many times, but never surpassed.

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I literally just made a topic about this a day ago O_o

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OH SNAP! That's fantastic!

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By the sounds of it, it sounds like its going to be a Episodic game.

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Did not see this one coming. Great news

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Yesssssssss, been waiting for this forever. Tournquist did promise to finish the story at some point, even if he has to just release story notes, but a game is what everyone really wants.

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Could not be more excited! TLJ and Dreamfall are two of my favorite games of all time. I've been waiting ever since the day I beat Dreamfall on my original Xbox! It's definately felt longer than the 6 years it's been!

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Fuck yeah, less MMO's, more TLJ! I've been looking forward to this for a long time, though the high chance for an episodic format annoys me a bit.

I'll probably replay the first two games when we get close to the release of this one, I really can't recall everything about it despite having played TLJ several times already.

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Fucking finally!

#67 Posted by Rapid (1459 posts) -

So excited! love the unique story and abstract themes in the games

#68 Posted by SpaceButler (49 posts) -

Dreamfall was a pretty good game, other than they forgot to add the last third of the story.

#69 Posted by MeatSim (11003 posts) -

Hell, It's about time.

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I played a bit of The Longest Journey after I bought it during the Steam Summer Sale. I didn't care for the setting at the beginning (future hipsters in future Williamsburg), but I did start to enjoy it once April discovered her "power".

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Finally some news that isn't just them saying "yes it's still coming". This at least sounds like some efforts are being made. I want to know what happened to April and that cliffhanger ending, HNNNNGGGGG!

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TLJ remains one of the best adventure games every created. Dreamfall has its shortcomings, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I'm stoked by this announcement, but with so much time between the last iteration, it could prove drastically different from expectations.

#73 Posted by darkjester74 (1610 posts) -

By the balance, what amazing news! :-D

#74 Posted by Raven10 (2068 posts) -

@ToastMan: I believe it was officially announced in 2006 or so as an episodic adventure game. People have been patiently waiting ever since.

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Patrick, play The Longest Journet, or you no longer get to have an opinion about games.

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@ToastMan: No, you are correct. Been talk about this for years, but Funcom has been to busy with Age of Conan and The Secret World. Man, I wish just one of their MMO's had been a critical and commercial success. Age of Conan deserves a bigger mention in the history books than it will ever get. A great game. Easy as that.

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Hopefully it's better than Dreamfall. Man that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth,

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Yay! It's been too long since the last game and the cliffhanger ending we were left with. I remember Chapters being announced a few years ago but was most likely put on hold for Secret World so it's good they haven't forgotten about the game. It's a bit puzzling though that Funcom still prefers to produce MMO games, I wasn't aware Secret World was profitable for them.

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@ArcHTecHGuY79 said:

will this be only pc or you think they will do a ps3/360 version

It's PC/Mac only according to his Twitter.

@Dagbiker said:

By the sounds of it, it sounds like its going to be a Episodic game.

It's not episodic, it's an entire adventure game.

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This makes me a very happy bunny!

Enjoyed The Longest Journey a great deal, and Dreamfall. This and a new Broken Sword on the way is exciting.

#82 Posted by ArcadiaExeter (96 posts) -

i bought these games on steam and really really want to play them. too bad it will not run correctly.

#83 Edited by Xymox (2161 posts) -

TLJ was okay, but I really loved Dreamfall... that's how I got into the series.

So Funcom is doing the online stuff... Would still be excited to see a Dreamfall MMO. I liked the idea of having access to both the "near futuristic" MMO in addition to the medieval one in the same game, with your own room to deck out. And since one of them could be set in dreams, you could do practically whatever with that one which would be interesting.

#84 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

@ArcadiaExeter: You can always get them from GOG..

#85 Edited by Levio (1806 posts) -

I played TLJ somewhat recently. It felt really dated. Though I did think it offered quite a rare experience to play as a female character and have to converse with a few really misogynistic characters, picking your words carefully so as to escape situations unharmed. Most devs wouldn't dare put the majority male demographic into such awkward situations.

#86 Posted by Zaxex (613 posts) -

I love when stuff like this happens.

#87 Posted by Parsnip (1124 posts) -

Hell, it's about fucking time.

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More details probably means a kickstarter in a few months.
I'll pledge so hard.

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I love longest journey!!! But dreamfall had the worst cliffhanger ending ever...

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Dare I say finally :)

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Without a hint of hyperbole, The Longest Journey is one of my favourite games of all time, it was simply magical. Dreamfall, while still enjoyable, could have been so much better without the terrible combat sections...and that cliffhanger. So, Hell. Fucking. Yeah. Great news!

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This is cool. Now, I liked the first game a lot more than Dreamfall, but there are just so few of these kinds of games that I can't help but be excited for it.

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These games are amazing. I can't wait to play them again in preparation for the new game!!

#95 Posted by theguy (815 posts) -

I have no idea why I'm so excited for this. I have played none of the other games. They always looked good to me though.

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Next Random PC Game, The longest journey.

#97 Posted by Uberjannie (338 posts) -

What? They aren't going to spent tens of millions of dollars to make another 'WoW killer'?

#98 Posted by kdrudy (28 posts) -

The Longest Journey is a game I always meant to finish, I don't know why I never did.

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Hopefully this will be more along the lines of the first game. Wasnt that impressed with the plot of the second game.

Though at this point I dont remember much about the plot.

But it seems that in a world where there will be a new star wars film in 2015 anything can and will happen.




Half life 3...please?

#100 Posted by Skanker (255 posts) -

Finally! I never really gave hope for a sequel since the creator was always pretty into the idea, but it's nice to get news on the matter.

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