Will this ever happen?

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Adventure games have seen a revival in the last few years, and that's awesome! But there is one adventure game franchise that has yet to reemerge from the horrible purgatory of vaporware: The Longest Journey. Say what you will about Dreamfall (and I do), The Longest Journey is one of the most highly regarded and loved adventure games of all time. I remember hearing hints about a 3rd game a while back. Instead Funcom went off and made the Secret World.

My question is: do you guys think this will ever happen? Is Funcom finished with this franchise? Even if they are, there has emerged a new route for beloved games to be revived: Kickstarter. Think that one will ever happen?

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I dunno, I enjoyed Dreamfall more than TLJ.

But yeah, somebody needs to Kickstart that shiz.

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I don't know about Funcom, but Ragnar Tornquist (the series lead designer) has been talking about an episodic format sequel to Dreamfall for some time. I'm not exactly sure when he last discussed it, but he tends to be fairly adamant about the fact that the project is actively in development every time it comes up. I found his formspring page, where his last post was some time last year, but as recently as then, he was pretty insistent that Chapters was going to happen. I'm not sure how well that'll hold up after the Secret World, though, which I don't think has been particularly successful. It's a shame, because that series intentially left things open for sequels and the story is fantastic. I think Kickstarter could definitely be a good move for a franchise like this, but who knows if Funcom would actually go for it.

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I'd love to know the rest of the story. Dreamfall left off on a major cliffhanger. But considering that sequel didn't sell very well, plus what shape The Secret World is in, I fear it may never happen.

It'll be Crow's fault if the sequel never happens.

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@Cathryn: I'd be happy to see him strike out on his own with it. Full on old-school adventure game sequel. Make it in the style of the original, and the overheads shouldbe low enough to make Kickstarter viable.

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Tornquist's grasp on episodic gaming is even weaker than Valve's, considering how there were talks about Dreamfall Chapters in 2007 and that they apparently got funding back then. That announcement doesn't get me excited in the slightest, considering how much shit was left hanging in Dreamfall, which was in itself a somewhat disappointing game.

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@Dtat: You posted this thread only a day ago, and now the sequel is officially announced to be in the works. Amazing coincidence, huh? ;)

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@Legend: I AM A PSYCHIC!!!

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@dtat: Just four days left in the Kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redthread/dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journey/posts/417562

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So glad this is happening. I only wish they could reach the stretch goal of 2 mill. Because honestly I am way more interested in another April Ryan game than a Zoe game. I'll still be happy though, and hopefully we'll see TLJH in the future anyway :)

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