ATTN: Man-children

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Let me tell you something, I couldn't care less about this game.  However, I was reading the comments on the video and they absolutely disgusted me.  Are you man-children so full of yourselves and your 'hardcore gamer' moniker that you will make your EXPERT opinion known at any time?  Did you really need to remind everyone about what they just saw?
You guys are so lame.  Are you such a 'hardcore gamer' that you're going to deny the younger generation something to play?  What the fuck are kids nowadays supposed to look back on when they grow up?  MGS4 or some other AAA blockbuster?  Are those the kind of games you played as a kid?  Hell no, you played crappy games you found at the video rental store and fell in love with for no good reason.  You look back on it with nostalgia, but the Virtual Console and the like have reminded you that those games were absolute shit.  You look absolutely ignorant commenting, in all caps, "EPIC FAIL LAWL DIS IS SHIT" on every trailer for a children's game.  Made for children.
Here's the deal: you aren't hurting the kid's feelings or influencing the games that come out on your beloved system.  You're just making yourself look like an ass.

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Do you feel the need to judge everyone else on the forums and create threads for no other purpose than to create yourself a moral high horse? go back to nailing your sister

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In my opinion, "kids games" shouldn't exist.  When I was little, I played Quake 3 Arena every day, and blew motherfuckers up.  You don't have to sugarcoat shit to make it enjoyable for the kids.  This game will simply be a disgrace to LotR, which already had a moderately "kid-friendly" series going.  In fact, I don't even remember there being blood in any of the games...  Thus, Aragorn's Quest is going to be a totally useless game.

My main problem with it, though, is that it's butchering one of my favorite book/movie series.  It hurts to see a beloved series just be sold out and milked for its every penny. (see also: Star Wars.)

Also: Obvious troll is obvious.  90% of all of Izawa's threads are troll threads.  This is one of them. lol

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ATTN: MC_Izawa

Have you figured out how to shave yet?
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Jayge_ said:
ATTN: MC_IzawaHave you figured out how to shave yet?
Also, did you get to see your sister in a softcore porn yet?
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I'm sorry, but you know you guys are only making his point... Replies that that are REALLY immature, regardless of your feelings on this game or even whether or not there should be "kids games" at all (I personally do, but that's not the point of this post).

In my experience, the kinds of people who ask stupid questions like "Have you figured out how to shave yet?" are more likely to be the ones who just discovered stubble on their cheek last week (be them 13 or a late-bloomin' 16) and want to act older and hip.

As a huge fan of fantasy fiction in general - and thus someone who revere's J.R.R. Tolkien's work quite highly - I have no problem whatsoever with this game. It might even end up being fun. Sure, the art style looks kiddy, but so did The Wind Waker, which was a Game of the Year title. Same with Mario Galaxy. But even if it's entirely dumbed down and made just for kids, so what? If you're really as old as you guys are acting, you may remember the old cartoons for "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings." And while I love Peter Jackson's films and think they're better and more true to the source material, I also loved those animated movies as a kid. Looking back, they're kinda crap... But I was a freakin' KID! It wasn't made for me now, at age 20... It was targeted more for children.

There have been many series' over the years that can appeal to both young and old people. Batman could be seen as very dark, gritty and mature, and yet a lot of kids like it. Hence games like LEGO Batman, that are aimed more for kids than adults (but still aren't bad as far as games go). That doesn't lessen the enjoyment at all for those of us who just want to enjoy "The Dark Knight" or a good readthrough of "The Killing Joke," but it gives the younger fans something that they can enjoy safely, which is GREAT. Let them have their fun. Making fun of games like LEGO Star Wars or Aragorn's Quest is just stupid.

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Okay, so if the kids could comment they would probably say "OH YAY! I LOVE LEGOLAS!"

But I don't think people on this site give a shit about this game so what do you expect people to say? "I think this looks like absolute shit but my niece is going to be STOKED!"

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I don't know if this thread is necessary, but I think there should be more of this simple to play but still a little more adult stuff for kids.  I have younger siblings that can't play the hardcore games I want to play with them.  It'd be nice if they didn't have to resort to kiddy games and instead could have something like this to play.  I mean, this isn't brand new, it's what they've been doing with games like the Lego franchise and Spiderman Friend or Foe, but it's an emerging and welcome trend.  I have always tried to play games with younger siblings and it's nice to be able to finally do that and not have them feel overwhelmed, while still having something a little complex that I can also enjoy.

In the end, Giant Bomb isn't the audience for the trailer so what do you expect, but people in this thread should really get a fucking life and relax.  Oh you never played a kids game?  Well youre the fucking man dude!  A lot of people, including me, were the same way, BUT NOT EVERYONE IS.  There's an audience for this game and so it's valid.  The poster is not being a troll, you are for telling him to nail his sister.  Could you be more of an ass?

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@Milkman: "But I don't think people on this site give a shit about this game so what do you expect people to say?"


People always comment on games however they feel.  This game isn't being singled out by any means, and it's not just games for kids either.
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hey, all I said was it was game of the year material, yes I said it in caps, but caps is cruise control for awesomeness amirite? Anyways, I think the main point is that we aren't very interested in a game like that, much like most of the Giantbomb community wouldn't be interested in "Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams," but hey, I'm all up for a surprise hit, I mean I bought Viva Pinata day one.

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Im not saying its going to be a bad game in general, im saying its going to be a bad game for me.

i dont want another game were i go around hitting orcs or goblins with big sticks..

were the fuck is my action RPG with LotR that ive been waiting for ever sense ive seen the first game?!?!

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The game looked like shit, and it appears to be trying to hold fast to rpg mechanics which might be strange to the demographic the art style seems to appeal to.

Does that explanation lube up your sandy vagina?

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